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early ultrasound

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Hi all. I just got back from my ultrasound.. I'm sort of feeling good about things though, you know, also not! lol.gif They did do a vaginal ultrasound (and it always makes me laugh when they ask if you have used a tampon before and then they hand you a massive great big 'wand'!) Anyway, I am not quite as far along as I thought - by just a few days - but closer to 5 and a half weeks rather than 6weeks and one day. Everything looked and they did see a heartbeat. Here is where I feel less confident, though... it was beating at 87bpm. The sonographer didn't seem concerned and said that the heart had probably only just started to beat and that it would speed up. Does this seem reasonable?





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Yes, it does. With ds I also had an ultrasound that early and the heart just started beating  and it was at 90 smething. A week later it was much, much faster.


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Thanks, ChiaraRose. I am honestly terrified... worrying that my dates aren't off (I was using OPKs but I don't know that I ever got a proper positive before I stopped using them). Your story is really reassuring, though.

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YES, that sounds very reasonable.  Last pregnancy, I had a u/s at about 5w3d and all they saw was a yolk sac.  They told me maybe I had a "missed miscarriage," which was devastating.  9 days later, we saw our bean with heart beating away in there, all normal!  I am amazed they saw a little one with a heartbeat at ALL!!  Congratulations!!  I can't WAIT to have my early u/s to confirm viability!!!

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Seeing a heartbeat at 5w3d is very, very rare, so I would just be happy that you saw one, and not worry at all about the number.  It's possible that the heart has JUST started to beat. 

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Thanks, all. I was officially dated at 5 weeks 5 days as their dating computer wouldn't accept a CLR of 1.7mm for dating purposes so she used 2mm. The concerning thing for me is that I thought I was exactly 6 weeks (using opks, though I don't know that I used them properly) and so I am very worried that the little bean is not developing as it should.. if that makes sense.


Total nervous wreck.

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Maybe you caught the beginning of the surge with the opk's instead of the peak of it, or ovulated a little late? That could put you behind by a few days. The heart rate is in the normal range, too. 5 1/2 weeks is on the early side to see the heartbeat - so that is good!
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Congratulations, that's amazing to see a heartbeat so early.  I understand your concern about dates, but one good sign is that the heart rate was correct for the sizing.  When did you first get a BFP?  Could that fit into the earlier date? 

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thanks both of you. I feel so depressed and hopeless about it all... I tested positive 11dpo so it is feasible that I could have gotten a positive on day 9. It was light. With DS I tested on day 10 and got a positive...


Wish me luck, mamas.

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Keep in mind that you are talking about a difference of 2-3 days, which is NOT really a big deal in the long run. Of course, it feels like a big deal now, but you saw a heartbeat, which is a VERY good sign; you are most likely (90%???) going to end up with a baby at the end of this!!  HOOOOORAY!!!

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Thanks, Cellist. I can't get any perspective right now. It is just a few days, you're right, but if I am 6 weeks then this heartbeat is dire and comes with a 90% chance of miscarriage. It's that part which is absolutely terrifying.

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Zubeldia, what about implantation times?  some fertilized eggs zoom down the tubes to the uterus, some take their time meandering along.  So you could have just implanted a few days late, right?  Just being able to see the heart flickering is rare... being able to actually measure a rate is awsome.  


I totally understand being unable to move your mind away from the worry, but theres nothing you can do about it.  Will your dr let you come in to recheck in a few days / week?

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Thanks, Baconlover. I am not a relaxed pregnant woman! lol.gif I am hoping it is that and also perhaps that it might be that I had a long surge leading to ovulation. it was my first month using the OPKs and I was impatient. My Dr's office just called back. They spoke with the maternal/fetal office and they said my pictures looked good and that I really did look like I was 5 weeks 5 days (not 6 weeks plus) and that all features looked good. They would like to see the HR a little higher but they weren't concerned. I have another scan next Thursday, which of course I am just now dreading/wish would come sooner.

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I just read in What to Expect that between 5 and 6 weeks, the heart rate is about 80.  You're RIGHT ON! :)

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Zubeldia I completely understand your worry -- torn between how to interpret the results.  It's a tough spot to be in.  I hope you have a terrific scan next week that shows the new dates were spot on.  9DPO is not too early to test +, I had a very very faint line on 9DPO with my son.  

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Totally. I didn't even see a hb with ds at 5w5d and he was even measuring 5w6d. With this one the hb was 122 at 6w3d.

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Thanks, everyone. I feel so paralyzed with fear, right now. I have another scan next week. The nurse spoke with the fetal and maternal center where I had the scan done and they confirmed that the pictures looked good, that a higher HR would have been great but that it's not a concern. They really did seem to think that I was 5 weeks 4/5 days along and not 6 weeks. I do think I probably had a longer surge but, you know, gah.


Can you talk to me about later implantation. I know there are a range of days that it can take, but does it affect things like due date (I know it can impact when you see a BFP). Just wanting another explanation for why I am a day or two behind.



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Zubeldia, there is some information on the implantation window here.  My understanding is that while there may be extreme cases where the implantation window is 6 or more days, the typical window for viability is 6DPO-10DPO... which seems like your difference of 3-4 days could be well within, especially if you also attribute a day or two to a longer surge.    

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Thank you, thank you.. .this is really helpful. I am pretty sure I used OPKS the day after I thought I was surging and I do remember that it was just as dark so I think that explains at least 1-2 says... have a slightly late implant (even just a day - so 8 or 9 days)) would totally explain the discrepancy... feeling quite a bit better.


Fingers crossed for my scan later in the week!

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Good luck momma, it sounds good! Honestly though NOTHING can change whether this baby is going to happen or not so just enjoy these months:) Put your faith in your body and try to focus on the life you have now:)

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