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Nursing Mamas - how's it going?

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I know there were a lot of us at the beginning that were still nursing older babies/toddlers. How's everyone doing? How are the LOs doing? Are you planning/hoping to wean or tandem?


DS is 17 months old now and there is no milk, but he is still nursing. Mostly at night and naptime. And he gets up in the middle of the night for a snack because he's not getting milk, which sucks. This morning he was up from 2:45-almost 5, then DH woke him up at 6:30 for the day. Ugh. I'm glad he's still nursing because he's so little and I'd like to nurse him to at least 2 (which would mean tandem nursing), but it's getting a little annoying. When I was nursing DD when I was pregnant with him, though, I really resented nursing. Hopefully that feeling doesn't come back. And hopefully my colostrum comes in ASAP so the awful dry nursing feeling goes away!

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DD is still nursing for naps and bedtime, she's 27 months. We've started talking about how she would feel about sharing mama-milk with the new baby, and how the new baby will need lots of milk, but she can have a little too, so I guess I'm starting to prep for tandem nursing. I know I still have a little milk left because the sheets under us are always wet when we nurse - she's clearly getting a little milk and letting it dribble out. I don't hear her swallowing anymore. 


The weird thing is that, since she only nurses out of the left breast (and has since she was 9 months old) I still have milk in the left breast, but colostrum in the right! I can only manually express a couple of drops out of each nipple, but they are clearly different. It's so strange. 


I'm nervous about tandem nursing because of this nursing out of one side only thing, but it might work out well for everyone. I had major problems with DD with the left breast when she was little - oversupply and overactive letdown and foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Maybe DD would be interested in helping out with that. :) I'd also be totally satisfied if she decided to wean altogether, honestly it seems simpler. 



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My DD was older when I got pregnant with her brother, and she weaned altogether. She was a week past 2.5 yo. It was easier, I think, than tandem nursing would have been with her. She's pretty high needs and I don't think she'd have shared well. It was nice to have 3 months "off" too. Sometimes I think it'd be nice if DS weaned, but he's so young still and I'd really prefer he nurse for 2 yrs at least.


I haven't heard DS swallowing in a long time, either. He has a pretty strong side preference, too, and I'm wondering if I'll just end up nursing each kiddo on their own side. At night he nurses on either side, but during the day I can only really get him to nurse on the right side.

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We're weaned! I'm very happy (and a little sad at the same time)!


I was planning on nursing 21-month DD until she's two, but I thought the arrival baby #2 would be too close to her birthday to wean her around that time. We had struggles with breastfeeding for the first 4 months of her life and I hated it, but was determined to continue. That resentment returned 2 months ago when my milk dried up and she continued to nurse 8, 9, 10, ... times a day anyway. So one day I just said she was getting to be a big girl, so she'd have to wait until naptime or bedtime for mommy's milk. She could have milk in a cup the rest of the day if she wanted. She picked up using her pacifier again (which she wouldn't touch for the past 4 months), but other than the occasional reminder, everything went pretty smoothly. Then about a month ago she accidentally bit me, hard, enough to cause damage. I decided that was it, and I haven't nursed her since. She still asks occasionally, especially if she gets super tired or hurt, but I just offer her a cup of milk or her paci instead.

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My ds is going to be 3 in less than a month and we're still nursing strong. I can hear him swallow occasionally, but haven't been able to express anything for at least 10 weeks. Due to his age, I think, this pregnancy and milk reduction caused him to start sleeping through the night, which is AMAZING!!! A wonderful break before the new baby comes and sleep dep sets in again. Looking forward to tandem nursing!

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Ds is now 18 months and might latch on every 2-3 days, but it's such an awful feeling that I pop him off and he'll happily suck his thumb instead.  I haven't been able to express anything for weeks and I haven't heard him swallowing either.   So I think the milk is gone and he doesn't seem to have a need to suck anymore.  He still wants to cuddle against my bare breast for falling asleep and sometimes he twiddles my nipple, which drives me crazy, but it's better than sucking. 


I thought I'd feel worse about it since he's so little still, but frankly I'm relieved.  He's sleeping better at night and dh can put him back down if he wakes up.  I was really hoping we would make it at least that that point before the baby came.  And now I can hope that we might easily transition him to his own bed soon!  Yay!  The downside is I freak out more about his nutrition now.  Usually he's a good  eater, but he's been cutting molars and now canines for months and he's at that point where he's plateauing.  But he has days where he hardly eats anything at all.  I know you're supposed to look at toddler nutrition over the week to see if they are getting a balanced diet, but I get all worried when he's had nothing but a few bites of oatmeal or cheese and a banana practically all day.  Sigh... 

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I was just thinking about starting a thread like this..


My DD is now 23mo and we're down to 3-4 times a day.   I'm 21w4d and my milk has been gone since (she stopped swallowing) around 12w.  She used to nurse every 2-3 hours around the clock, so this is substantially less than before.


It took us a while to adjust the amount of calories that she ate during the day.  I now have to feed her another small meal/snack just before bed or she has problems falling asleep.  It took me a bit to get into this new routine, but I think we've got it now!


Last night was the first night ever that she slept through the night!  I must say that having my milk dry up has been the easiest way to night-wean.  She gradually cut down on her night feedings as my milk started to go.  I'm really glad about this, because I don't want to nurse 2 babies at night.


So long as she continues to nurse, I'll tandem.  My DS nursed until 3.5yo, so I'm open to nursing her a lot longer.  She has however been cutting back her nursing sessions on her own, so who knows...

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My DD is 3 next month and she is still addicted to boobie.  I've had no milk since I was about 9 weeks but that hasn't put her off.  I haven't the heart to wean her so I think we're going to drift into tandem nursing, with some restrictions on when she is allowed to nurse.


My nipples have been consistently painful this entire pregnancy.  I don't think I've got to full-on ants in the pants stage yet, but it certainly gets annoying if she's at it for more than 20 minutes or so.  The things we do for our children redface.gif

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I was really worried about nutrition when my milk dried up, too. A young toddler who is not getting breastmilk is a new experience for me! I am constantly amazed at how much food such a little person can eat though. DS eats 2 or 3 bowls of oatmeal for breakfast - more than my 4 yr old!

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KayPea - I'll be curious to follow along with your tandem nursing adventure as well!

Mine is 3.5yrs old, and I lost my milk around 10 wks. He still nurses to sleep (nap & bedtime), but like others, he's not nursing so much during the night anymore, which is FABULOUS. I was having no nipple pain until about week 17 or 18, then it became this awful, awful thing to nurse. I suffered through it, but in the process I have also gotten him to stop twiddling - another success! It was heartbreaking at first - he really relied on twiddling to help him get to sleep, so bedtime was a constant battle for 2 wks, but now we climb in bed and he says "where's teddy?!" - which is what I put over the nipple that is not being nursed.
I am also getting to that stage where nursing just seems . . . annoying. Sometimes I just want to shove him off, esp. if he nurses too long or if he asks to nurse at a random time (which I have started to sometimes flat out refuse). I now understand the pregnant heebie jeebies, I hope it doesn't get any worse!!
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DD3 weaned last month. For a couple weeks so took the pacifier back. But she lost the last one and it's not an issue. If we find it she'll take it, but it's not a huge deal if she doesn't have one either. My others nursed until 3, she's 15 months. Very odd for me! We're giving her goat's milk, since dairy is a big issue with her. She gets bad rashes with bleeding blisters with dairy foods, and a runny nose and cough. So odd being an extended bfing mama (I nursed for six years straight between the 3 girls, with a combined 15-17 months of that tandem nursing!) and now carrying a powdered milk/formula dispenser with the powdered goats milk (which is what WIC covers, and we need help with it since it's so expensive!) in it for her sippy cup.


I have to admit, it's nice to have the break from nursing. After so long, I was just plain burned out. If dd3 had chosen to continue nursing, I would gladly have stuck with it. But she was never a comfort nurser, so after the initial supply boost in the first trimester, I think when my supply began dwindling in the second trimester she just decided it wasn't worth it.



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Good to hear where everyone else is at! My son is definitely eating a LOT more food now, as others mentioned.


Yesterday I went 24 hours without nursing....for the first time in over 2 years (he turned 2 recently). Normally we're nursing 2-3 times per day though. A few months ago it was usually 4 or 5. Introduced cow's milk a few weeks ago and he drinks a few ounces with meals and on cereal.


I'm definitely encouraging him to cut back (not offering at naptime, telling him "all done" in the morning if he's taking an uncomfortable amount of time) but not sure if I want to wean completely. If he asks I have almost always been saying yes and I have a hard time imagining saying no first thing in the morning or at bedtime. We'll see what happens!

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Still nursing my 20 month old but only twice a day.

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