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Belly band to protect from cell radiation and the like

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I'm wondering if anyone has used belly armor. I'm seriously thinking about investing in it but wondered if it breaks down with laundering or if there are any other practical reasons not to buy it.  http://news.cnet.com/8301-27083_3-20023601-247.html


Thanks for input!

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NOTE: If you're set in your views about radiation and nothing's going to sway you, you may want to stop reading now, to keep your blood pressure low.


My personal opinion of this product (and of this company) is that they're preying on the fears and gullibility of new parents who -  it's a great quality, don't get me wrong - want the best for their child.  That being said, here are the reasons that I feel mothers everywhere are being duped by these products:


1)  All three of the products that Belly Armor sells only protect against a very small section of the Electromagnetic spectrum (or radiation, if you want to throw the dreaded "R" word around).  10MHz to 8GHz.  You can look on this chart to see exactly how much of the spectrum this covers.  This section of the spectrum does not include X-rays (doesn't work against the airport scanners),  UV rays (sun), or Gamma rays (nuclear...sorry, this won't protect you or your baby against Fukushima).  This product will not even protect you from the EM waves emitted by the motion detectors commonly found in every store you venture into.  Yes, this will protect your uterus against most consumer electronic devices, HOWEVER...


2) In order to protect your baby, the waves coming off the device MUST be in line-of-sight with your belly band.  So...  yes, it will protect the fetus from the cell phone in your pocket or the WIFI you're using on your laptop, but it won't protect your uterus if you're standing under a cell phone tower.


3) Any risks associated with EMF emitting devices is still highly implausible and unproven.


4)  Even for a product containing silver (their "active ingredient"), they're charging too much.  I'll let you in on a little secret...  any "odor repelling" article of clothing has just as much silver in it as the Belly Armor products.  So you can spend $60 for a belly band (and don't get me wrong, you'll smell FABOO at the end of the day!), or you can buy an Under Armor T-shirt for $20 that will do the same thing...and then spend the remaining $40 on building up your surplus of diapers.


















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Very interesting points. Thanks for the thorough reply.  I did wonder if I'm comfortable with the treatment applied to the garment to make it protective, so that is something I'm going to look more deeply into. I don't use antimicrobial, no-iron or other similarly treated garments because I don't trust their safety. If this treatment is similar, then I need to why my radiation exposure against that.


Many thanks!





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I'm speaking as someone that had/has cancer due to likely radiation...and I feel this just preys on the emotional side of parents with no benefits.
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Oh my, I had no idea they made such a thing.....

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