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I lost a pregnancy in March at 7 weeks. I could never really wrap my head around being pregnant, but kinda went along with it. I felt a strange disconnect, hard to explain. My symptoms were not really there, I was just extremely tired.


This time I feel very different, and feel more positive. I have felt symptoms since before a BFP, and the nausea just won't let up and I am only 5 weeks. But it is hard for the voice to not creep in and think there may be something wrong again. This is a tough place to be. My husband is super excited though, so he keeps me positive when I am feeling down.

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It looks like there was a good reason to remain cautious, my bleeding has escalated with cramps that started out in 5 minute waves but are now more random.  This makes my second miscarriage, and hopefully I'll be through it before work monday, but I'm really grateful that my body recognized it.  My super sniffer declined and my boobs deflated, so I had a clue it was coming.  the first missed miscarriage was so much worse, a month of waiting for natural, then another 7 weeks before my period came back so it was a full quarter before we could try again, then not knowing I ovulate really late and missing the window.


I'm feeling prety at peace, and am making plans for what I want to do.  I'm going to get back to my normal workout and weightloss plan, go on a beach vacation, and get the house more in order.  Bracing for the worste seems to have helped mentally.


i wish all you momma's the best of luck, and happy and healthy full term babies.  And on the plus-side, statistically, you guys are safer because it happened to me, right?

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So sorry mama
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I'm so sorry to hear this.

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So sorry this has happened...
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thank you so much ladies, I really appreciate it.  

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Oh no, I'm so sorry.
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I'm sorry for your loss. :(

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I am so sorry, Baconlover. 

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I'm so sorry :(

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I am so sorry for your loss :(

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gloomy.gif  I'm so sorry.

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So sorry for your loss, Bacon. We will miss you. hug2.gif

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thank you all very much.  i went to the dr today, they did an emergency sonogram, and the radiologist said from the images, my uterus has not been pregnant this cycle , no gestational sac, no nothing.  i know i havent passed anything, and my )LMP was may 26th, ovulated june 12th, positive test 12 Dpo and darkeninglines since, still had a dark line Saturday.  the pain is gettingnworse and im waiting for bloodwork results now.


you guys have any ideas?  i dont understand where the gestational sack went, and how I could have gotten to 7 weeks with no period for a chemical pregnancy and darkening lines.  and if there is nothing there, why is it hurting so much, feeling so much like a m/c?

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I remember someone saying something similar a few months ago in the loss forum. She was a little further along but same situation, no sign of a pregnancy but she was pregnant. I wish I had the answer for you, this situation just stinks. I'm so sorry for you.
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Were they able to confirm that it wasn't ectopic?  I'm a little concerned, because there has to implantation somewhere in order to produce HCG. 


Where is the pain located?  Are you still having bleeding, or has that lessened? 


It is possible that the pregnancy implanted, and then was reabsorbed by the uterus, but there should still be changes in the uterus size, and also the lining.

For example, with my d&cs, my uterus always measured the gestational week that I was actually in, regardless of the fact that the baby had passed (only a couple of weeks earlier)

As far as the pain, well technically speaking, even if the baby was reabsorbed, the cramping and pain is supposed to be helping the uterus to contract, and expel the extra blood and lining that it was storing for the pregnancy, as well as contract the uterus back to non pregnant size. 

For the radiographer to say that your uterus "has not been pregnant", then I would be very concerned that the pregnancy may not actually be in the uterus, which can in fact be life threatening. 


Are you able to get a copy of the films/reports, or have another doctor review them?


Are you just waiting for HCG results?  If so, they are not going to tell you much unless you have something very recent to compare them to (do you?), as in within the last 48 hours. 


 Thinking of you x

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So, so sorry BaconLover.  You have a fun personality and added a lot in the little time you had in this DDC.  You will be missed.  Hope you get more answers to help you as you heal.

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thank you so much for the support Ladies.


Milk8shake, they never called me back!  on the other hand a little while after I posted I lost a firm piece of tissue the size of two knuckles on a pinky finger.  Once that was gone the pain stopped.  theres still aching, but none of the broad cramping across all of my back and abdomen in a steady every 3 minute interval.  I think the speculum and sonogram poking around dislodged it.  My regular OB will also be reviewing the films along with her nurse practitioner.  They are also gong to be monitoring my hormone levels for a while.  Since they didn't call me back, i went ahead and took another super sensitive hpt.  i had taken one saturday am and it was super dark.  todays's is as light as my 12 dpo one, distinct, but not dark at all.  I was also very concerned about what the radiologist said, but then I decided he was just a jackass and didn't know what he was talking about.  And considering they didn't see the big hunk of tissue that came out when it was present during the sonogram, I don't really know what to think.  I had loads of fun googling the difference between a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy.  I'll just have to wait and see what my dr says.


8 inTulgeyWood, thanks for your kind words, I'm sure I'll be back in another group soon, maybe then I'll get to do the fat baby belly pee wee herman dance. 

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Originally Posted by BaconLover View Post

 I was also very concerned about what the radiologist said, but then I decided he was just a jackass and didn't know what he was talking about. 

My thoughts exactly!   Although it is sad, I'm glad that it appears to be a "straight forward" loss and not anything tricky like an ectopic.


Sorry to lose you from the DDC, especially when it sounds like you have a bit of a Dr Google obsession, like I do... Great minds think alike. 


I hope the worst is over for you now. 


(and yes, I have been stalking here, worrying about you... I know, I know - I'm a loser!! )


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Baconlover, I am so very sorry to hear that. That radiologist does sound like a jackass. What is wrong with these people????

I really wish you that fat belly dance soon. Let us know when it happens!


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