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Hello all!  I am excited for any advice you all have for a mother of a four year old and another one on the way very soon!  I wanted to have the first one naturally, but after 28 hours of labor, I ended up with a c-section.  Therefore, I am distraught on the decision to have the second one naturally or not.  Please, advise away!

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Welcome to Mothering!


There are a lot of knowledgeable ladies over at the VBAC and pregnancy forums - I hope you're able to find the advice you need to make the right decision for you and your little one

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Hello and welcome!  I also suggest checking out the VBAC forum.  I guess it depends on your options for vbac, and I would also suggest you talk to your doctor about that.  

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hi to all


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take proper diet

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i am newbie here,, i am really enjoy this forum community also nice time here that's very knowledgeable site...


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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering!
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yep try over at VBAC

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and welcome!

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