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Darn it just a dream!

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Last night I dreamt I woke up to my water breaking. I got up and started my labor project, baking and sewing. After the cupcakes went in the oven, I exclaimed I forgot to call the midwife! POOF there she was. The birth went fast in the tub, everything was super!


And then I woke up to a very round  non- contacting belly. Oh well.  Now I have lemon cupcakes on my mind though.eat.gif



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Good sign though!! Good dream!


A few nights ago my 2 sisters in law and myself all had a dream I had a girl -- which is weird cuz I haven't had any girl-vibes until then.


Pregnancy dreams are oh-so interesting!! :)

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Over a week ago, I had a dream that we woke up and I had had the baby the night before. My husband started to go through his normal morning routine, but then stopped to call the office to tell them he wouldn't be in. I went to talk to him because I was wide awake and had just put the baby back down to sleep. It felt soooooo real. When I woke up, I was VERY disappointed it was all a dream. LOL


Hm..now I want lemon cupcakes too! :p

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I've had that dream several times. I wake up in a panic looking for my baby in the bed before I realize it was just a dream. Sometimes though, I wake up from a delivery dream and am like, Oh Yeah. I'm NOT Even pregnant! ....But then I move and am like, "OH YES I AM!"dizzy.gif

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