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Questions From Your Kids

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I thought it would be fun to start a thread about what questions your kids have asked about the pregnancy. My philosophy is that I'll tell my DS (almost 3) the true answer to any question he asks, but I won't volunteer information that he's not already curious about.


So far he has asked me:


Is the baby still in your tummy? (repeatedly)

When is it coming out?

When is it going away? (not in a hostile way, just curious)

What is its name?


I haven't had to answer any of the difficult ones yet, but I am sure they are coming!

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We told DD yesterday. First she hugged me love.gif Then she asked how the seed got in there (I told her that Daddy gave it to me). Her main concern was that she couldn't see it. She tried looking into my bellybutton, and when that didn't work, she stuck her finger in there lol.gif Then she asked if she could have a cookie. She hasn't mentioned it since, but occasionally she'll give me a quizzical look, then pat my belly. One of the things I'm most excited about with this pregnancy is sharing it with her orngbiggrin.gif

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Well, my 4 y/o asked if I'd eaten the baby. He occasionally asks if it's still in there. My 5 y/o is far more excited and curious, but when I tried to explain (very simply) about how the baby grows in the uterus, he held up a hand and said, "Please don't tell me this." lol.


My oldest has also asked:

- how long it takes for a baby to grow

- Where the baby will come out (house, hospital, etc.)

- Why the baby is being so mean and making me sick

- If I could have more than one baby

- If I could have 12 babies 

- Where the baby is going to sleep

- If babies can talk when they're born (I said no and he said, "Don't worry, I'll teach her how to say Mama!")


He frequently tells me to eat because the baby is hungry and a few days ago I spilled water on my stomach and he scolded me. "Now the baby is crying! You got her (he's determined it's a little sister) all wet!"

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DD is almost 5, and we got the following:

-How long will this take?
-How long is 9 months?
-Will it be a long time?
-How long did I take to grow?
-Did you go to the hospital when you were pregnant with me?
-Am I getting a sister? I want a sister, not a brother.
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Well our kids don't know. They are almost 9, 6 and 2. When I was pregnant with my middle child my 2yo DD said that the baby could sleep in her room, but he couldn't touch her stuff! LOL. With our second son she was 6 and she asked a lot of the same questions your children are asking. I am curious to see how her thought process has evolved since she is nearly 9 now! I would LOVE for her to see this baby be born:) I think she would find it fascinating!

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I just told DD that the baby is the size of a grain of rice.  Then she came and put her hand on my tummy and said she could feel its head, lol.

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LOL I had a daycare kid walk into the bathroom with my last baby. I was due any time. He said "Seth (the babies name) looks good on you!"

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