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Does anyone journal?

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I believe this is what you would call a "froo-fee" thread... But: 


I've always been completely terribly at keeping a hard, physical copy of a journal. I really want to, but I have so much time setting aside time to do it and I tell myself I will do it before bed, but by the time I make it to bed, I just want to sleep and have no interest in writing, and if I do - it always ends up being a to-do list. I've been writing down big dates, like when we had our ultra sound and found out we were having a boy, when I first felt his movement and when DP first felt his movement... But I would like to write more. 


If anyone does journal, what encourages you to do it? Do you have a certain time of day that you sit down and write? Do you pretend you're writing to someone else? 



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I used to. I normally journal when I am not is the chipperest mood. Helps me feel better. I guess I have been feelin really good lately.

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DDC crashing....
I journal every single day. Just little notes about what I did/ what I'm grateful for that day. I've been doing it for at least 10 years and it's so cool to be able to look back and see a snapshot of my life. I just use a black and white school type notebook.

It also makes me cherish every single day. I only write little snippets and those snippets bring back a rush of memories. (Also that way I don't have to worry if anyone ever reads them).

I like reading silly little things like, "DD lost her 3rd tooth today". "Such and such complimented me on ___ today." "I saw the most beautiful rainbow on the way home today."

And I also find that I don't lament DD growing up (she's 8). If I want I can go back to when she was 3 and read about her first ballet class. heartbeat.gif
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