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Originally Posted by 1fitmom View Post

I'm 41+1 today and I shouldn't be surprised that I'm late since I was 9 & 12 days late with my last two, but I'm somewhat frustrated. I've been pregnant for over a year!!!!! I got pregnant June 2010 miscarried in Sept, and was pregnant in Oct 2010. I was just so hoping this little one would be on time. In the last week I've tried everything, homeopathy, sex, acupunture, massage, walking even pineapple. I've had lots of contractions and thought I was in early labor twice, but no. I haven't been checked yet by my midwives as they have been too "busy" with other births so didn't want to do a sweep with me yet. They said I had to book an induction date just in case witch is Aug 3 (12 days past my edd). I don't want to be induced, it just sounds so painful plus it means I would have to be in the hospital (I've had 2 previous home water births). They sent me for an ultrasound yesterday to make sure baby was good, and she is, I'm suppose to go again on Tuesday if I haven't had her by then. It doesn't help that everyone is asking is today the day, how you feeling maybe you should do.....    Right like I would have a baby and not let anyone know; at this point I just want to be left alone, and have this baby come when she's ready  in a relaxed environment. I just don't feel relaxed these days, just anxious to meet this one, but its out of my hands. God I hate not having control...lol

I think someone else posted this before that their midwife didn't want to do a stretch and sweep because they were too busy with other people's births. I think that's completely unfair, considering that they're putting you in the realm of perhaps going to induction instead of trying other less invasive interventions first. Is it possible to get in with a different midwife? 


I'm scheduled for an induction on Aug. 8 and that's totally freaking me out, too. I hate to think that this baby and I are on a deadline, but that's exactly what it is. :(


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JoEngland - I'm in the same boat as you. the deadline is looming.


Just had a bit of a discouraging conversation with my midwife. She came and did a second stretch and sweep tonight and said I'm 3 cm, 50% effaced and very soft which all sounded good to me (this is baby #4) but then she said - "but I think if we have a baby by Friday, we'll be lucky!" 'Lucky?', I say. 'Yes, lucky. Sorry.'....Friday is the day I'm scheduled to go to the hospital for my 'postdates assessment' at 42 weeks. She said that if baby and placenta, fluid etc are all healthy and good then then probably won't induce me until the Monday.  Technically I should lose the ability to have a homebirth on Friday but she said she'd stick her neck out for me and attend me over the weekend but by Monday morning her hands are tied.



I'm so upset right now. My mum has been staying with us for 4 weeks now and is supposed to leave this Monday morning. Now she's looking at changing her tickets. I feel like my other kids are missing out on summer holidays because I'm just too tired and uncomfortable to go too far from home and DH is still at work.  I've had 3 birth center/ home births and I REALLY don't want to be induced in the hospital -especially in a country where I don't know the system so well.  I just never thought I'd be here again with baby number 4. I thought for sure he'd be around the same as number 3 or earlier...


Please, baby come out...Mamma, is sooo wanting a peaceful, non-stressful start for you and really wants to hold you and kiss you!!!!


Off to cry some more......

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Originally Posted by JoEngland View Post

Wait a minute. I saw your video of you doing the pole dance! You look great at 40+4! 


I think that's pretty unfair that your midwife practice didn't want to do a sweep because "they were all tired from all the births this past weekend." What about you? I would have been pretty pissed, honestly.


Trust me I am pissed, not impressed at all with this midwife practice, but they are the only one in the area. Did I mention that I didn't want to know the sex of my baby, but my one midwife when leaving the results of the amnio I had on the machine also left the sex of the baby; yes this midwife experience has not been good. But I want a home water birth and the hospital here only allows you to labor in the tub not give birth. So I need to bite my tongue until the baby comes and than they will get a full review of what I think about their practice.

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Wow there are so many of us waiting, lets hope that being frustrated, uncomfortable, being big through this heat, the false labor and everything else that comes with being late means we will have a easy fast labor and a wonderful recovery. I am so looking forward to us all getting there soon. ROTFLMAO.gifIts nice to know I'm not alone.

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While I understand being frustrated while playing the waiting game ( I am 41+ 5 ) I think it is so important to remember 2 things. Babies want and know when to come. The stress and anxiety we are putting out might have some effect on their impending time to do so. AND where the midwives and homebirth practices are concerned. I think we have to have respect and acknowledge that sometimes their hands are tied in the jacked up ob/hospital/back-up doctor system and to keep home births available for all  women, not just our personal scenario, sometimes these protocols have to be followed. Until our system and our states recognize the strengths and facts of midwifery and home/birth center births, I think a midwife honestly telling a client that she is too tired or burnt from a rapid few days of births, is responsible and safe. (bummer about the revealing of sex though 1fitmama) ...So is ordering NST tests at appropriate times and just having back up ob/hospital care should be considered pretty fortunate. That door must remain open for this style of birthing to continue and grow. If we want to keep these courageous women in practice and keep home and birth center births safe, isn't it best to look a bit beyond our own desires? Or consider the other road of an unassisted birth if one feels so confident in the process.


Anyhoo my two cents as I feel really strongly on home birth availability and the opportunity to have a midwife attended birth for all women everywhere. Trying to look at the big picture here while taming hormones and yes, waiting like all you gals :)

Labor Dust to all...goodvibes.gif

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Originally Posted by 1fitmom View Post

 I am so looking forward to us all getting there soon. ROTFLMAO.gifIts nice to know I'm not alone.




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Today I am officially past 40 weeks (40w1d) and I actually prefer to WAIT to go into labor until after the weekend.  I feel like I'm on borrowed time now, so I might as well enjoy the (possibly) last weekend I will ever have of not being a parent, but I am sure I will get antsy again this week.  I definitely feel the pressure of everyone wanting me to have this baby, but I don't really care.  I'm only worried about being induced and I'll start worrying about that more seriously when I make my next Dr's appt. 


I hope everyone goes into labor this week!!!!!!

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So besides wondering if that last cramp or contraction is the one to get us started, what have you ladies been up to today?  I'm making a cherry pie.

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Originally Posted by HeliMom View Post

So besides wondering if that last cramp or contraction is the one to get us started, what have you ladies been up to today?  I'm making a cherry pie.

I cleaned out the chicken coop and am making vegan bean and nut loafs to freeze. My sister is on her way to help me tidy this disaster area up! So thankful for the help, especially since all DH wants to do is lay around and watch baseball. Hey, with this heat (30th 100+ degree day in a row) I don't really blame him, but it is getting irritating!

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Ohhhhh a cherry pie!  I love making pie.  That may be on my list of things to do tomorrow if I'm still baby free!  Today has been a lazy Sunday....took a walk, took nap, made a fruit salad, my husband just started grilling, and another walk after dinner. 

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Yell: I wish I could go for a walk outside! It's already 104 here. Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? 

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104, ouch!   I wish I was in the Pacific Northwest, we live in Pennsylvania.  Don't get me wrong, it was HOT and HUMID here yesterday (and today), but I knew if I didn't get some physical activity I would never fall asleep at night. 


I'm sort of bummed because I need to call my Dr and make another appt this week and I was really hoping I wouldn't have to.  I also wasn't planning on an August baby since the hospital we are delivering at said it's the busiest month of the year for them (an already busy hospital). UGH CMON BABY!

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This morning we are going in for the biophysical.  When we get home I'm going to clean like a madwoman because I have nothing better to do. I'm so ready for this baby!

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