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Freezing Milk

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My neighbor found a great deal on some "expires today" organic milk and brought me five 1/2 gallons for our family.  I have put 4 (or 5) in the freezer, because the milk smelled and tasted just fine.  I know you can get a couple extra days past exp date on any milk, but I've never froze milk before.  Anything I need to know about the unfreezing and how long should it last?  Any suggestions on using it up, if it only has a couple days out of the freezer before it goes bad?  Like crock pot yogurt maybe?  Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I would have put some into ice cube trays- that way you could have taken out say a cup at a time, it would defrost faster and you would not need to use it all up at once


depending on the "type" of milk and the % of fat once you defrost you may need to really shake/ stir to get it mixed


while you can freeze milk we mostly only use fresh or small batches (ice cubes- for recipes that only require a small amount )



if might want to make some cheeses with some (panner perhaps), egg custards use lots of milk and I don't add sugar to mine, mostly fruit as the sweetener

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If it's the "sell by" date, then I think you've got a week to use it.


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