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conflicted about meat

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I grew up eating meat and thinking that there was something to vegetarianism, but that I personally couldn't give up eating meat...  well, a few years ago I saw some stuff that really bothered me and I stopped eating meat (I still eat wild caught seafood).  It wasn't that I was eating an animal that used to be alive...  it was just that the animals found on the supermarket shelves were treated so UNnaturally before they got there...  and I don't even remember the specifics anymore - its been that long.


Anyway... lately, I've REALLY wanted to eat meat again.  Hot dogs, chicken... I don't think I'll ever go back to eating the way I did before, but I'm thinking I'd like to add in a bit here and there.  (It could be because I'm pregnant, but this is my 2nd pg since giving up meat and it didnt bother me last time) ...  Anyone have any btdt stories?  And, are there any truly humane, natural sources of meat out there without all the nasty crap?  Is that even possible?  Everyone irl thinks im nuts, so i can't really chat up anyone about it...

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do some sleuthing and find a local farmer. the stuff i can get in the store is standard stuff. the stuff i can get from my farmer friend is field-raised, grass fed angus that was never given any hormones, and individual animals sometimes get antibiotics if they're sick, but he doesn't waste his money on it otherwise. he says it makes no sense. his animals are fairly happy, have lots of room to roam, and are taken to a private butcher for processing. the animals suffer as little as possible, and he says that's the only way to get really good meat.


i can only buy it by the 1/4, 1/2, or full cow though. a 1/4 cow lasts my family for months even if we eat beef all the time, we just need a big freezer to store it :) we get a variety of roasts, some steaks, and a lot of ground beef. it's all extremely lean.

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I have a great meat shop nearby fortunately, but even there I have to wade through some fo the commercially produce organic stuff, which is nearly as bad. Be forewarned though, the cost is around twice as much as supermarket-type meats. Buying the 1/4 or 1/2 cow is also so much cheaper if you can afford the investment initially than buying piece by piece. There is a really great website out there that I found all these great little local food stores and stuff on, it has categories and everything, but for the life of me I cannot remember- hopefully someone else knows what I am talking about!

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