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So far I have had no dreams about this pregnancy.  I usually don't untill further in.  However, My MIL asked me last week(befor i even knew) if I was pregnant because she has had 4 dreams in the last 2 weeks  about me being pregnant(she has known everytime I was pregnant befor I was because of the dreams).  Well today my Husband told his Grandma and she sent me a congradulation email and in it said "don't get your hopes up but I had a dream about a month ago that you were going to have multiples" .  Then my 4 year old today way kind of pressing on my tummy and I told him to be carefull because he could hurt the baby and he said "I forgot that you had 2 babies in there"


Has anyone else been asked if they were pregnant because of a dream or going to have multiples?  We would be thrilled with twins but I just find it weired.

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Not because of dreams, but DH's grandmother always knows when someone in our family is pg.  I actually think it's pretty cool, not weird :)

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Weird maybe wasn't the right word.  I find it really cool and kind of exciting!  I have wanted my last 2 pregnancys to be twins so maybe that was to prepare me!

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