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Which prenatal vitamin are you taking?

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I'm looking for a different prenatal since I'm almost done with my current bottle.  Any suggestions on what to buy?


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Oh cr@p.  Thx for reminding me.  I bought some but haven't been taking them.  Sorry, I don't have any suggestions, just wanted to thank you for reminding me!

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I'm taking the Rainbow Light Prenatal multivitamin.

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I take New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Whole Food Vitamin.  I started taking them about 6 months before I got pregnant the first time and have been on them ever since.  Excellent supplement! 





And once I got my BFP (this time and with DD) I started taking Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA and kept taking that throughout the first year nursing DD and will do the same for this bub.   



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I just picked mine up today.  No prior experience with them but I also got the New Chapter Organics.  I've been getting paranoid in my middle years about how things get quantified into pill form (what solvents do they use etc..) and I can't find that information anywhere about which ones are good.  And I'm vegan, so that also narrows the scope on which pills I can take.  Anyway, these ones, from the look of them, and the recommendation of the lady in the health section, seemed like a great (and hopefully ending) place.

Still looking for a DHA that doesn't use hexane for distraction and not made of fish..

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I'm also taking New Chapter's Perfect Prenatal. They're great if normal vitamins smell or are hard to keep down for you. They're food, so even taking them on an empty stomach shouldn't make you get sick.

I also take Carlson's cod liver oil pills. I normally take the regular high vitamin variety but Swanson's was out, so right now I have the lower vitamin with "a touch of lemon". My daughter takes the chewables and likes them, but says they taste like someone rolled a fish in lemons. wink1.gif
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Rainbow Light Prenatal one.  It's what I've always taken and I really like it.

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My midwife had mentioned there are some new studies that extra Omega 3's are good to add to your diet if not already found in your prenatal.  Has anyone else heard this too?


Right now I'm looking into either getting Rainbow Light or Garden of life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal.

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bag.gif I take gummy vitamins for kids and an extra folic acid.  I throw up everything else.  My RE said they were fine, especially since I eat pretty well. 

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I started by taking Target prenatal gummies and they just turned my pee BRIGHT yellow, so I figured they were just going in and going out.  The sugar coating was gross too.  My midwife (once I found one) switched me to Rainbow Light prenatals and they only color my pee if I'm eating extremely vitamin rich foods all day.  That usually doesn't happen... I eat well, but the stomach is queen right now and I do not dare disobey her.


Also, taking calcium/magnesium 2x a day-- this has been AMAZING for my circulation!, fish oil (switching to flax seed oil once it runs out), cranberry -- preventing my usual round of pregnancy UTIs, B complex, and lots of yogurt to prevent my usual round of pregnancy yeast infections. 

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I've been taking the Target brand prenatal tablets, and although I haven't had any weird pee colors, if that's the lack of quality I think I'll go buy something better. Gonna start taking some kind of fish oil here soon, too. Probably the gummy kind I give my daughter, since ANY fishy taste leaves me retching.

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I take Pure Essence Mother to Be.  Best price is on line at iherb....



They also make a postnatal formula that is terrific, too.

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I use MegaFood Baby & Me. They are also whole food vitamins, but they don't have soy in them like the perfect prenatal does. I really like them and they don't cause any stomach upset. They are cheapest at iHerb.com or vitacost.com. (If you buy vitamins online at iherb.com, you can use my referral code and get $5 off your first order, just PM me if you're interested.)


I was taking megafood blood builder as well, but I think I am going to switch to Flordix. I need something that will boost my energy level, I feel so depleted already. I'm also taking additional B12 & D3, as I had these tested and I know I am low in them.

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Ditto, Shannon. With approval from my midwife I take Lil' Critters Gummy Vites and because of my MTHFR am also taking gobs and gobs of Folate, B6 and B12. My iron was good and I eat well, so she felt this was a good combo that is easy to keep down. 

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Forgot to add: I am also taking fish oil but the fish burps are very nearly having their way with my delicate tummy. Anyone have recs for fish oil that they feel good about, and is fish-burp-less?

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mollsworth - Lil' Critters makes an Omega-3 Gummy Fish, too! It's what I'm taking because last time around the fish burps made me absolutely miserable. They should be right next to the normal multi-gummy at your store.

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I've got the MTHFR too.  (OK, that's not the right way to say that, but it makes me giggle.)


When they first found I had it, they tested my homocysteine levels too, which were normal, so I got to skip the Foltex or whatever.  I still take a little extra folate though just in case.

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I've got food intolerances so I take all my prenatal vitamins in their single form.  Which comes up with a lot of pills, but I feel better without the ingredients I can't have.  My naturopath rocks.

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Originally Posted by amycorinne View Post

I'm taking the Rainbow Light Prenatal multivitamin.



I got it at Whole Foods

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The gummy vitamins don't contain iron - so if you don't get that in your diet, make sure to add some. Vitamins without iron might be a good thing if you're constipated from the extra iron, though.
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