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I have been taking the ones that I never took with my pregnancy in 2009! LOL Probably a good idea for me to take them AND get new ones! LOL

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Originally Posted by mollsworth View Post

Forgot to add: I am also taking fish oil but the fish burps are very nearly having their way with my delicate tummy. Anyone have recs for fish oil that they feel good about, and is fish-burp-less?

Try keeping them in the fridge or freezer, and take them right before you go to sleep. You can avoid most of the fish burps that way.
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I don't take one. crap.gif I am only on folic acid right now.


I cannot take Vitamin C, and the only prenatal that didn't have C was discontinued recently by the manufacturer. I also have an iffy time with B6.


So, spam me with anything else that is super important that I should be taking... my gyno said not to worry about it as long as I was on folic acid, but it still worries me!

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If you eat well, a prenatal isn't really required. Taking the folic acid is good, though. Taking a B-complex vitamin is useful as well. I would focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet. Some things you can add are red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, and nettles. They are high in vitamins and minerals that are great for preggos. Chlorella is another great source of greens, nutrients, and protein. Start very slow with that since you're pregnant. It is detoxifying, and has been shown to help reduce the amount of chemicals passed through breast milk.
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I'm taking GNC prenatal (without iron).  My iron was fine without supplementing with #1.   Even, a bit higher than average.  So I'm not bothering with iron unless a test happens to show I'm low.   It has 1000mcg of folic acid.  I'm a little worried about folic acid because I wasn't taking it before I conceived. :(   But I did know I was pregnant before my period was even due so at least I started the folic acid early.

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I use the Rainbow light prenatal one vitamins.

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I've been taking the Rainbow Light Prenatal for months in preparation, but now they are starting to turn my stomach so I've stopped taking them.  I eat a varied diet, so not too worried, I'll keep taking my individual folic acid too.

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Add another one to the rainbow lite list.

I bought the men's version for hubby and he thinks they stink (men!). So I cam see how they might turn some people's stomachs.
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I was on rainbow lite but the pills started triggering my gag reflex so i had to switch to a chewable (Flintstones complete) anyone have a less crappy fake chewable suggestion that is working for them? 

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I just posted something but now I don't see it..... :/ Hopefully it will show up. Biffer - Juice Plus comes in chewables as well as capsules. www.TheScienceInJuicePlus.com

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Okay looks like my first post/reply didn't make it. www.TheScienceInJuicePlus.com - go to 'Resources' at the top of the page then scroll down to the videos. That is probably the easiest.


Our bodies and our babies need nutrients from whole foods (we have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to expect and need this). An apple, for example has “only” 8 mg of vitamin C - seemingly meek in comparison to a prenatal with potentially hundreds of mg of vitamin C. But because of the hundreds of other phytonutrients contained within it, the apple is a “language” our bodies can speak, and is therefore far superior. The vitamin C from the apple is used and synthesized to a far greater degree. The body recognizes and utilizes the vitamin C from an apple quite differently than it does when it is given a synthetic, isolated, fragmented vitamin C pill. This is why you will hear about vitamins getting “peed out” - our bodies don’t really know what to do with it in a synthetic form. Whenever we can get our nutrients from the natural sources, we are better off (like vitamin D from good ol’ sunshine!). Folate is a great example too. Folic acid is the “biggie” for preggos - but what pregnant women (or, more accurately, fetuses) need is naturally occurring folate, from food. There are findings that suggest that the synthetic form of folate (folic acid) is actually cancer-causing. You’re not going to get cancer from spinach! :D Well, unless it’s laden with pesticides, of course!

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I started taking the New Chapter but was annoyed that I had to take three per day and they're expensive. On one hand when I had morning sickness being able to take one at a time a couple of times a day was great.

Then I started taking the Rainbow Lights. They are a one a day and I really liked that for a couple of reasons: easier to remember to take them and my wallet being foremost. BUT then I pulled out an older (before pregnancy) bottle of Trader Joe's prenatal and checked out the ingredient list. They are pretty much identical and the TJ's brand costs a less since there are 60 in a bottle of those vs 30 in the Rainbow Lights. I took the TJs when I was pregnant with my daughter and no stomach issues or problems keeping them down. I do remember my pee being bright yellow some times but for some reason when I take them this time around, it's not (Maybe because the bottle is from the beginning of the summer?). Either way, right now they are working for me and since TJ's is across the street from Whole Foods (who sells the Rainbow Lights), it's not out of my way to get either one. For now though, I'll stick to the TJs (and then will probably finish off the bottle of RLs).


Good Luck. It's hard to find something that you like when there are so many choices. I remember the ones the doc gave me were horrible! Stopped taking those within a week or so of getting them last time.

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If you find one you like, you can get a subscription on Amazon. My New Chapter vitamins are $40 at the store, or $20 with free shipping if I buy monthly at Amazon. Swanson's Vitamins has good deals, too. Considering that I'm actually absorbing the New Chapter vitamins and wouldn't absorb that much of a $10 conventional prenatal, I'll gladly pay more.
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I get the ones from Meijer. I am not sure if they are the greatest. I've tried to look online if they have all of what I need, but I can't seem to find what all they have in them, and they put the label over what is in them and I took it off and it ripped off the label. I've been thinking of switching, but I'm not sure to what.

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I got my RL's off amazon too and it was super cheap... I paid $16 for a 5 month supply.  I have to say, I love these things.  I have noticed a difference from taking "normal" prenatals.  I skipped these one day and that was the only time I got leg cramps at night.  I find that I need them some days and don't others, so I'm glad I'm using them.  On days I don't eat quite as well, my urine is clear.  Days I eat very well, my urine is bright yellow, so the vitamins get absorbed when I need them.  ... maybe TMI, but there you go.  ;)

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I'm taking New Chapter prenatals and their Wholeomega fish oil.  I just take one of each with my meals.  I also take a couple Rainbow calcium at bedtime since I don't do much dairy and am having an aversion to greens I second checking out Amazon for good deals.  My my prenatals are only $20 a month with subscribe and save/Amazon mom.  The Wholemegas are more expensive, but the calcium I think I paid $20 for an entire years worth!


I'm hoping all start eating more/better than that I'm leaving the first trimester but I like the vitamins for insurance and I'll continue to take them until I stop nursing.  I definitely notice a difference in my fatigue levels and my general mood if I forget them so they must be doing something!

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Oh - I forgot to mention that aside from Amazon Mom, you can also get a really good deal on Prime if you are a college student. You just need an active email address from the school. That saves me a ton on shipping costs. It is especially helpful since I'm disabled and don't always have the energy to get the LO in the car and to the store.
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