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Please, do not use peroxide.  Conclusive studies have been done to show that it does not prevent or treat infection and damages the tissue ability of heal a wound by  driving fibroplasts away

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not topical but you can use tylenol or motrin.. we always preferred motrin (baby kind, without dye)..

can you soak his foot in a bowl of warm epsom salts for a while and then try to put peroxide on it?  i'd try that... see if you can get the infection out.


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it sounds extremely painful for the baby, I'm guessing tylenol won't even numb the pain (I know doesn't work for me when something like an infected ingrown toenail hits.  :(

Sounds like one of those times to take your kid to the doctor's? 

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This is a time I would do what the pediatrician advises. Infections are nothing to fool around with and this is just the kind of thing antibiotics are supposed to be used for.


Infections can get out of hand quickly!!!!



best of luck!smile.gif

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Yea, doctor. A seven week old is so delicate. Probiotics afterwards will deal with gut issues. Any infections at that age can turn serious fast.


Oh, and because I don't see it mentioned here, ibuprofen cannot be given to infants under 6 months. So the only pain reliever you can use is Tylenol.


Let me know how your lo is doing!



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Thanks for all the feedback, mamas! We went to the doc that very day. She said it wasn't that bad yet, but said she HAS seen instances where you get that tell-tale red line, which, as you all noted, is mega bad.


We're to soak the toe a few times a day in warm water and apply bacitracin.


Now the trick is soaking his toe! He is not a fan of it and is a real kicker. DH has to hold him while I hold his toe in a cup of water. It's a wrestling match every time. :)


I am wondering if DS got this because he's in a baby carrier of some kind most of the day. He's usually in a newborn hold of some kind, being under 2 months. So his legs are froggied and his feet are confined. Maybe his feet are squeezed too tight?

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Thanks for the update!  Poor little guy.  I'm glad you took him in.  My dd1 had a staph infection in her thumb when she was 12 days old, I felt so bad for her and I was a new mom that had no idea what I was doing and my IL's suggested we take her to the ER (it was a Sunday night, of course).  Her thumb was so swollen that they lanced it and I couldn't believe the amount of pus that came out of it.  I can't remember what they did for antibiotics. 


I don't really know if there is any correlation between frequent sling carrying/squished toes and the infection, maybe someone else can put in their 2 cents.

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so glad he's ok, Partaria.  it's scary when our little ones aren't well (especially that little).

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