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At what age did you start giving your infant yogurt?

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Title speaks for itself. :) My DD is 8.5 mo. Though we are delaying other cow's milk product (as long as possible!) I've heard yogurt is the easiest digestible cow's milk product. Also feel free to leave any suggestions related to, substituting, delaying, and not introducing cow's milk products. Thank you!

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we gave yogurt and a tiny bit of cheese starting about 11 months I think. I was originally going to hold off longer because DD had a dairy sensitivity as a newborn, but her dad gave her some when I was at work. she's 26 months and still hasn't had liquid milk, but she has it cooked into things and as cheese, yogurt, and ice-cream and does fine with it. 

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The only milk my 14 month old has had is my milk. He had really bad reactions to dairy in my milk until he was 6 months old or so, so I'm keeping milk products until last (maybe 18 months?). I'll probably start with cheese and then yogurt and then ice cream and milk if he wants. I don't drink cow's milk so it doesn't make sense for me to offer it to him when he's breastfeeding.

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From WholesomeBabyFood.com

Yogurt may be introduced as early as 6 months old, (the typical age recommendation is 8 months old) depending on your baby’s pediatrician and your baby’s propensity to allergies.



If you, your family members or your baby have a history of allergies to milk (to the milk protein) and/or a history of lactose intolerance; introducing dairy in any form prior to 1 year is probably not a good idea.

As most babies can outgrow these types of allergies, if you hold off until after 1 yr, the risk of developing these allergies is significantly decreased.

Also note that an infant who has a true allergy to the milk protein(s) may also have allergies to other foods - soy being one of the most common.


Delaying the introduction of cow milk or other food products may not be favorable in preventing the development of atopy. A study in 2008 (Dairy Introduction past 9 months ) showed that more delay in introduction of cow milk products was associated with a higher risk for eczema.


Personally, I have problems with dairy myself.  I'm pretty sure its lactose intolerance but since lactose intolerance is a normal condition (the body makes less lactase after the natural age of weaning) I doubt it will have any effect on my son.  He's 7 months now and we're introducing cheese right now.  My current biggest concern is if its going to make him constipated, lol.  He hasn't had any reactions to anything he's eaten yet.  I'd have no problem introducing him to small amounts of yogurt if I found one without added sugar.  I just haven't gotten around to it.

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We introduced Greek Yogurt at 7 months. No history of dairy problems in the family and we are super dairy lovers, so it made sense for us. However we will not give her any other (flavored, sugared, lowfat) yogurts because they are less nutritionally good for her. She occasionally gets fruit mixed in but truly loves it plain.  At 11 months she has had yogurt, goat yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, and just about every cheese out there.  She has had tiny sips of milk, we don't see the point in giving it to her as a drink when she drinks BM.

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I introduced plain goat's milk yogurt at 7 months, and he loves it! He has it for breakfast nearly every day...usually plain, but sometimes with some berries mashed in. He has had a bite of regular plain cow's milk yogurt here and there (usually when traveling and I couldn't find goat yogurt), but we don't have allergies in our family and he showed no reaction. Goat milk is closer to human milk and is easier for a baby to digest, which is why I'm sticking with that 99.99% of the time. 

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With my first we did yogurt at 7 months and with my second it was 8.  They both love it with mashed up fruit in it or in their oatmeal.

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I introduced yogurt with my first at 11 months.  She had a milk protein problem which necessitated her drinking goat's milk from 12-24 months, but the process of making the yogurt changes the protein in milk and she did fine with yogurt and cheese. (milk, ice cream, etc. gave her diarrhea, random episodes of vomiting, and eczema outbreaks).


She'll be 3 in November and she's fine now.  Drinks milk all the time.

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Since she has had no milk protein issues from my BM, I offered her plain yogurt for the first time two days ago. She seemed to like it (of course, the girl likes everything!), and there have been no signs of an intolerance or allergy. This is great because I am a big yogurt person! She loved it with diced fresh peaches and a breakfast oatmeal cookie crumbled up in it eat.gif Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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Ok, how long does it take for a milk protein intolerance to show up? I've googled it, and the information is pretty vague.


DD is having diarrhea problems-- it start Wednesday w/ 6 bad diapers that got progressively worse through the day. Yesterday there were 3 bad ones, runnier than the day before, and today we've had 2 so far, very runny. She also has red painful-looking rash around anus--- not sure if that is caused by or correlated w/ the diarrhea. She had yogurt for the first time on Sunday, and a serving each day until Wednesday, when the poo issues began. I nixed all solids for her yesterday and today and only offered nursing to help get her gut back on track. This morning she had a fever-- 100.6. Not sure if it has anything to do w/ her diaper issues. What do you think?

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