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NURSING SURVIVAL GUIDE- Compliments of Motherwear

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We thank Motherwear for sharing this resource with our community. 



Nursing Survival Guide


There is nothing quite as sweet as a newborn baby or the fresh excitement of a toddler to bring out the true essence of the Spring and Summer seasons. Yet the demands of this very family-oriented time can be exhausting, too. We've designed this guide to help you find the perfect balance during this special time in your life, as you breastfeed your baby.


We are entering a season for celebrations! Showers, weddings, graduations and family get-togethers fill our calendars along with impromptu play dates and outings in-between. 


Five hints for nursing at a party 

1. Wear comfortable clothes that are convenient for nursing.


2. Survey the environment for good nursing spots before you need them, or settle in the perfect chair ahead of time and gather your friends around you. 


3. Anticipate your child's needs so you can nurse before she gets fussy. 


4. If you or your baby prefers to nurse away from other people, invite a friend to join you for some quiet catch-up time. 


5. Feel proud that you are nursing your baby and that you can share this special time together. 


Endless sunny days can inspire travel plans. Whether it's a quick car trip to visit family or you are globe trotting with baby, nursing is convenient and easier than fussing with bottles.


Tried and true nursing travel tips

1. If you are traveling by plane, nursing is a great way to keep your little one calm.  Also, the repeated swallowing will help equalize the pressure in baby's ears and prevent the discomfort that is often felt during take-off and landing.


2. Remember to have plenty of water and snacks for yourself. Be sure to stay hydrated to maintain your milk supply.


3. The stimulation of new activities and admirers can overwhelm both children and adults. Head off trouble by taking frequent breaks throughout the day. A few quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle—nursing, reading a book, or just cuddling can rejuvenate everyone. 


One of the most important things is to think ahead, and to make sure you are ready for anything. Developing a well planned nursing wardrobe is an important way to free yourself to do what you want to do and go where you want to go.


Why Motherwear?

For over 28 years, Motherwear has been designing and selling breastfeeding clothing and bras to allow confident, convenient, and comfortable nursing anytime and anywhere life takes you.  Offering sizes in XS-3X and bra sizes 34A-50J in pretty, practical styles that transition from Maternity through breastfeeding and long after you baby has stopped nursing. 


Motherwear's mission is to nurture breastfeeding women and create a supportive environment for them and their families-- Breastfeeding: Better for mom, baby and the planet!


Visit Motherwear today for easy, convenient and fun online shopping 24 hrs a day. 


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What a great list!  These seem like very helpful tips.  I'm not nursing yet, but I will certainly keep this list around for when I do.


Thank you!!  love.gif

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Great tips!

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