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4 days late, no activoty w/o condom, what is going on?

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Yay!  No more issue here.  Excellent.

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Welcome to MDC Patricia!  wave.gif


I see your problem has resolved itself, but I wanted to just throw a few pieces of information out there for you to consider.  First, when you ovulate in your cycles can vary greatly.  Many common things can affect it like stress, illness, injury, travel, diet changes, strenuous exercise, etc.  When ovulation  is delayed, your period will be delayed b/c the length of time between ovulation and your period doesn't vary, at least not usually and not by much (2 days).  This is called your luteal phase and varies woman to woman but the average is around 12-14 days.  Mine averages 10 days.  So it is quite likely that your O was a bit delayed and therefore your period was a bit delayed.  To help pinpoint ovulation better you can start keeping track of your fertile cervical fluid.  Creamy and/or eggwhite cervical fluid usually proceeds ovulation by a few days and dries up directly after ovulation.  It's also possible to gear up to ovulate and not succeed.  So you might see signs of impending O, then a delay, and again signs of impending O.  To actually confirm ovulation you would need to chart your basal body temperatures.   Charting is such an empowering tool that allows you to see when you're fertile, when you ovulate, how long your luteal phase is, when to expect AF, if you're pregnant and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle.  It really takes the mystery out of it!  If you're interested in starting to chart (to just get to know your cycle better, to avoid pregnancy, or to achieve pregnancy) I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  It's full of interesting information that I did not know about my body prior to reading it.  You can log your charting data on a free site like www.fertilityfriend.com and share your charts with us so we can give you advice, tips, and help deciphering anything that's confusing.  There is also a Charting to Avoid thread you can join to learn even more about the rules you need to follow to avoid pregnancy with charting.  Warning: do not rely on charting to avoid pregnancy until you have charted for several months and understand the rules well.  Use back up  in the meantime!


Speaking of back up... condoms are usually my barrier method of choice as well.  You may already know this so forgive me if this is repeat info, but condoms are not 100% or even 99% effective.  With correct and consistent use they are about 95-98% effective (there is about a 2% breakage rate).  The first year of condom use they are about 86% effective since first year users tend to be less consistent and not always use them correctly.  Correct use means properly pinching the tip and only using condom-safe lubricants.  Spermicide can increase the effectiveness considerably. Just some things to consider if you do not want to be pregnant right now.





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