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Birth centers in Central Florida

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We are hoping to use one of the birth centers in Central Florida and have been surprised that there are only three in the area -- Inspirations in Winter Park, Heart 2 Heart in Sanford and The Birth Place in Winter Garden. We liked what we saw at Heart 2 Heart and they are the only one of the three that take our insurance in-network, so I think we're going there. But has anyone on here had experiences with any of the three?

I haven't found reviews for any of them online, and there are still reviews out there for a place that closed five years ago. How can a community this large have a zillion birthing beds in hospitals and so few options for birthing centers? Is there no demand? Do people not know about them?

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I planned to have my first at The Birth Place but was risked out and referred to their back up OB because he was breech. Let's just say their OB and I didnt see eye to eye. I ultimately delivered with a different OB who would allow me to try for a breech vaginal birth. My experiences there for prenatal care were okay. There are multiple midwives and you see different ones every appointment. Some I loved like Jenny (the owner) and Robyn (opened Inspiration Family Birth Center) and others I didn't really connect with. The practice also has a large focus on low income or at risk moms, which is great, but didn't apply to me and felt awkward at times.

I'm now due with my 2nd any day now. I'm seeing Robyn at Inspiration and planning a homebirth. My prenatal care has been great! Her practice is smaller and more intimate. I love Robyn and Becky (senior student midwife) and would highly recommend them to anyone looking. Robyn is very knowledgable and gives me the confidence I need. They were in the process of getting approved for BCBS insuance when I started there. They are finally in network now so we are set for the birth. I would check to see if they planned to get approved by your insurance in the future if you are interested in delivering there. Good luck!
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I had both my babies at the Birth Place- it's an amazing place but has changed so much in 4 years, that it's hard to review.  #1, yes they do cater towards high-risk groups (low income, etc.) and while I am not in that category, I found it certainly didn't affect my experience.  I had a birth with Jennie, of course who is amazing (owner) and also saw a couple different midwives, including Robyn (who I didn't click with). 

I think so much of it comes down to personality, so you just have to find someone you click with.  Also your own level of comfort/confidence.  Honestly, the midwife I saw the second time (who is no longer there) was not my favorite personality, but she was great at "preventative maintenance" and then I ended up delivering with Jennie.  BUT I felt confident that I could have been pregnant/birthed all alone if needed, so it didn't bother me about personalities, if that makes sense.


Good luck!

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I went to Heart 2 Heart for my youngest dd and had a wonderful experience!! This was in May of 09 and I know they have since moved to a new location, but I'm sure it's still just a great :) You are right, there should be more birth centers and midwives in this area! Hopefully that changes in the coming years!

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