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Originally Posted by CI Mama View Post

I guess mostly what I mean by "back to normal" is will they return to their former size and will I fit into my pre-pregnancy bras.

nope the size came down a bit but not enough to go back to my old bras. 


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I can wear my pre-pregnancy bras, but they're just a bit tighter than they used to be.  (That could be because I've gained weight overall, though.)  My breasts went up from about a B cup to a C at their biggest when I was nursing, but they were already small enough to wear the old bras again before I was done nursing.  It's possible they might have gotten a little smaller after I was done nursing, but not much.

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I had no idea early 30s is considered old. I'll be having my second when I turn 30. Is that old these days? I don't know, I consider under 35 to be pretty run-of-the-mill time to start a family....No?

Originally Posted by mambera View Post

I'm in.  I was 31 when we had DD, now 33 and pg with #2.


I'd known I wanted a family since my late teens but didn't have the right partner in my life.  DD was an oops and her arrival really sped things up in our relationship, but I'm so glad she happened when she did.  DH is wonderful and an amazing co-parent.


Pluses to starting on the later side, I have all my education out of the way and I'm at a point in my career where flexibility is available in a way that it wouldn't have been earlier.  Also lots of my friends started having kids around the same time so it's nice to move through this parenting journey with my old friends that I already liked, rather than have to make a new set of 'mom friends' that I might not have so much in common with.  Also I had some really fun, meaningful, and fulfilling experiences in my 20s that I would not have had if I had found a partner and started a family earlier.


Minuses, honestly there are more of these for me (but maybe that's just grass-is-greener speaking).  I would rather my kids have younger parents, and especially younger grandparents.  I would like to have the option for wider child spacing (and possibly a third child) but don't want to be having babies in my late late 30s or 40s.  I'd also like to be still reasonably vigorous when my last kid is out of the house - empty-nesting seems like it can be a really enjoyable, productive phase (my mom is loving it) and I don't want to be into retirement age when it happens.


I can't say I feel less energetic than I did in my 20s, it's hard to compare since I wasn't a mom then but I always had pretty regular habits and preferred to get enough sleep.  (Of course 'enough' meant 7 hours before I had kids, and now pg and cosleeping with a toddler it is more like 10... but I think that's more kid-related than age-related.)


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I started this thread with hopes of connecting with women who started their parenting journey later in life and/or who would like support for issues that come with being an older parent. I was 38 when I became a mom. My thought was that women who were in their mid-30s to late 40s when they became moms would join. I started this thread because my perception is that many women on MDC started their parenting journeys way earlier than I started mine, but I know there are others like me out there.


But I'm not interested in cutting anyone out of the conversation, and age is all relative. In some circles, waiting until your 30s to start a family may be considered "old." Or you might be "young" but have met certain milestones (like losing a parent) that most people don't encounter until midlife.


I'd like to leave it open to anyone who feels they got a "later" start with parenting and/or who feels like the issues of being an "older" parent applies to them. If you have something to contribute, by all means please post here!


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Sorry!  I stayed out to begin with but noticed there were a couple of other posters in the thread who were 31 and 25 when they started so I figured I was 'in the ballpark.'  I do feel I started 'older' but it is probably because I would have preferred to start younger than that (not because my surrounding society considers me an 'older mother').  Maybe that doesn't really qualify though.  Out, with apologies for the crash...

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Hi!  I'd like to join you all!  I had DS a week before I turned 35 and am going for baby #2 in the coming months.  I'll be 38 soon so I guess if all goes well, baby #2 will arrive when I am 38 or 39.  I just don't believe it until I see it typed here....I don't feel like that is "old" but in the world of having babies, I guess it just is!  I am looking forward to chatting with you all.

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Great!  I'm in, too!  I'm 38 and am cruising into week 11 of pregnancy with twins.  I'll be 39 when they're born in March.  I have no children of my own, but my husband has 2 from a previous marriage, a 10 year old girl and a 5 year old boy.  I've always been the 'maternal' one in my group of friends, always a caretaker.  I've also wanted kids all along, but waited until I found the 'husband that will stick around'.  I didn't marry till I was 36 for just this reason.  I finally found him, and I also got a preview as to what his fathering capabilities were!  joy.gif  Now, we are about to embark on a late-in-life parenting journey with 4 kids!  I'm looking into buying us a school bus, I guess!  I'm so excited, though!  I had my 2nd ultrasound last week, and the babies were all wiggly and cute in there, lying all cozy inside mama. I had tears of joy in my eyes b/c I read the evil book that told me of the possibility of "vanishing twin syndrome" and I was scared out of my wits!


I look forward to reading all your experiences with mothering later in life, because I am quite sure I'll be dropping my kids off for Kindergarten with all the girls in my neighborhood that are in high school right now!  (I hope, for their sake, that's not the case, but you get my point!  I'll be 45 and the other moms will be 23!)  Thanks for creating this group! 

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Hi everyone! 


We have a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" of their own that have many of the same benefits of a forum, including multiple threads, a member's list, and group messaging. All tribes are invited to switch from the one-long-thread here in FYT to the new Social Groups. You can read more about it hereLet me know if you have any questions but please post to that thread so I can keep everything in one place. smile.gif


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Hi everyone!


I started a new thread in the Old Mamas group. See it here:



Feel free to join there if you'd like to continue the conversation.


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