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Hi ladies!  This is my first time ever to this website.  A friend recommended it.  I live in PG County, Maryland and after my first hospital birth experience (nearly 4 yrs ago) I knew I never wanted that again.  My first choice was a birthing center, but the closest are 30min of highway driving in ideal traffic (we live in a HIGH traffic area).  Dh and I are very open and getting really excited about a home birth.  A friend recommended a birthing center in VA ( that  does home births, but she said that I should call right away since they book fast.  I am just 5 wks and left a message today for a call back.  I guess I am wondering if anyone else is in this area and could give me any recommendations, would you suggest going through an individual midwife or through a group?  Ack!  I just feel like I'm already in a time crunch.  Any help would be great!