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Pregnant with Multiples Chat Thread Summer - Fall 2011

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Here is list of all our growing and born multiples, and of course we invite all the BTDT moms to chime in whenever they fell like being helpful!
Most of us chat in our various DDCs, but this thread gives a chance to band together in the special ins and outs of growing more than one!

Anyway, please add yourself or update things as you know them.

Let us know any of the following and more, welcome!!

  • Name? (if you feel like it)
  • You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
  • Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
  • What number of kids will is be for you?
  • Genders? Will you be finding out?
  • EDD and or planned birth timing?
  • State you live in?
  • Anything else you want to share?



Pregnant Multiple Mommies!

Born! (or assumed if they never came back to share)


•Adorkable• EDD 1/24/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children  Born Dec 27th at 36weeks 0days

Hope4six EDD 4/2/11 ... 6th & 7th Children  My little guys were born 1-14-11.

Almi   EDD 1/1  1st and 2nd 

NP2B Rikki EDD 1/20 ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Marisgirl EDD 1/6/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children 
abeecharmer Sarah & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/4/11 2nd & 3rd Children 

Coco99 & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/14/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children 
Chula13 Delma EDD 2/14/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children (5th&6th for DH) 
Strong Mama EDD 2/??/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children 

ladydodson Becky EDD 3/7/11 ... 4th & 5th Children 

mylilmonkeys BORN 3/3/11  EDD 3/14/11 ... 7th and 8th  
elf EDD 4/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Di/Di ... Age at birth ??
Nanette56 EDD 4/8/11 2nd & 3rd Children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Di/Di  Age at Birth 30, DH 32 ... Location FL

babygrey EDD 4/15/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Di/Di ... Age at birth 30, DH 30 ... Location UT
J's Mombee EDD 4/17/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children stork-girl.gifstork-boy.gif
Di/Di ... Age at Birth 30 & 33 

Liora EDD 4/19/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif
Di/Di ... Age at birth 35, DH 36 ... Location OH
burleson Gretchen EDD 4/24/11 ... 3rd & 4th children Di/Di  stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif

anonyma EDD 6/2/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children cHQHKY_8u3m3GjDz-jqP1miYpTJtRt5HTpRzjBzfFeaPNwSxif4XjF34WZ_f3bcwFJMI6rZnfb227fi_VZ3TrPKdQbiaMYP14dsHTvmhhILnhJmjcAKdQDiBIA1yYF8MTKjJGGtrDDSSmDCKZr3HngdliHjOsXXgnMzMhYuTnPVpRypqe51VxPhNjRAKC6rRb-PohsMdld_Zn1JHocv14Tm2pX3yK9dfnYFQ
   ... Age at Birth 37, DP 36 ... Location PA

Amanda Leigh Amanda Born 6/23/11 EDD 8/1/11 ... 1st & 2nd children Di/Di  stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif

Ashley Foster Born 6/11  cHQHKY_8u3m3GjDz-jqP1miYpTJtRt5HTpRzjBzfFeaPNwSxif4XjF34WZ_f3bcwFJMI6rZnfb227fi_VZ3TrPKdQbiaMYP14dsHTvmhhILnhJmjcAKdQDiBIA1yYF8MTKjJGGtrDDSSmDCKZr3HngdliHjOsXXgnMzMhYuTnPVpRypqe51VxPhNjRAKC6rRb-PohsMdld_Zn1JHocv14Tm2pX3yK9dfnYFQ

star8kitten EDD 7/1/11 3rd & 4th children Di/Di  stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif
nktigger99 EDD 7/2/11 3rd & 4th children Di/Di  stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif
rainbowferry EDD 7/5/11 1st & 2nd children Di/Di stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif
lesliesara63 EDD 7/27/11 3rd, 4th & 5th children 2 Mono/Mono 1 Di/Di stork-girl.gifstork-girl.gifstork-girl.gif

Still Growing...



Imprint  Julie EDD 8/16/11 1st & 2nd children Di/Di stork-boy.gif stork-girl.gif

Sajgos Mollie EDD 8/19/11, 1st & 2nd children, Di/Di stork-girl.gifstork-girl.gif
Kat5143 Kat EDD end of Aug/early Sept, 4th & 5th children, location WA cHQHKY_8u3m3GjDz-jqP1miYpTJtRt5HTpRzjBzfFeaPNwSxif4XjF34WZ_f3bcwFJMI6rZnfb227fi_VZ3TrPKdQbiaMYP14dsHTvmhhILnhJmjcAKdQDiBIA1yYF8MTKjJGGtrDDSSmDCKZr3HngdliHjOsXXgnMzMhYuTnPVpRypqe51VxPhNjRAKC6rRb-PohsMdld_Zn1JHocv14Tm2pX3yK9dfnYFQ

Palangi EDD 9/1/11 1st & 2nd children Mono/Di stork-girl.gifstork-girl.gif

kungfufugirl planned 9/9/11 (EDD 9/30/11) 3rd and 4th children Di/Di stork-boy.gifstork-girl.gif

thisisbabbleon EDD 9/15/11 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
JanineRivera  EDD 9/19/11 2nd & 3rd children stork-girl.gifstork-girl.gif

bstandlee EDD ?? 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
KristinaMarie EDD 10/2/11 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-boy.gifstork-girl.gif
Starlit EDD 10/4/11 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
dear abbey EDD 10/9/11 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Mainebirdgirl EDD 10/13/11 1st & 2nd Children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Mama~Love Mollie EDD 10/23/11 ... 7th &8th children Di/Di stork-boy.gifstork-girl.gif
SweetDynasty  Danielle EDD 10/23/11 (c/s planned around 10/2/11?)  1st & 2nd children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif

EonJourney EDD 11/27/11 3rd & 4th children Mono/Mono stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif
Miriam_bat_avraham Julie EDD 11/28/11 1st & 2nd children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif


dsb76 Dory EDD 12/7/11 2nd and 3rd children Di/Di stork-boy.gifstork-girl.gif
Arnden  Adrienne EDD 12/15/11 3rd & 4th children Di/Di  stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif



abowin Amy EDD 1/26/12 1st & 2nd Children Di/Di stork-girl.gifstork-girl.gif
Kewpie80 EDD 1/28/12 1st & 2nd Children stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif


Allicyn  Alli EDD 4/8/12 4th & 5th Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif



Kateber  EDD 6/23/12  stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif




BellyBean  EDD 7/15/12 2nd & 3rd Children Di/Di stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif


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I updated the list but in the process lost almost all of the b/g storks and I didn't add new hyperlinks for profiles.  I am working the rest of the weekend so I will try to update later this week.  Let me know if I missed you, you need to update, and, of course, be free to update with any pregnancy updates or other comments!

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This list is updated - including storks - let me know if I missed you or made an error.

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you've got skills!  Thanks for doing this ;)

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Awesome, thank you! I'm having boy/girl twins joy.gif!

Question: When did you start getting concerned about the babies' positions? I'm 27 weeks now, and my OB said as long as the first baby is head down, I can have a vaginal birth. Both are head up right now. I don't know which one is lower either. We've been calling the baby on the right "A" (girl), and the one on the left "B" (boy). I know most say that the first to be born is A, but sometimes B comes first.

Did you do anything to help with positions? I've been reading on sinningbabies.com, and I'm seeing a chiro to help with alignment & positions as well.

Hope everyone is feeling good & doing well!
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You can add me!


Name: Jenny

EDD: August 19th

Gender: Both girls, Di/Di

1st and 2nd children!




Mollie: I wouldn't worry about the twins positions until you hit the middle of the 30ies. I'm currently a little past 36 weeks and my baby A is breech. I have been told that there is still a chance for her to flip vertex, but it's hard to believe that it will happen this late. Both of my babies were vertex around week 27, but then baby A decided to flip. I'm hoping she will flip back as soon as possible!

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A friendly reminder to drink lots of water in this summer heat!  I went in last week for a routine ultrasound and was immediately admitted for having extremely low (almost no) fluid!  I felt great, looked great, no signs of leakage or rupture but there we were planning for an emergency c-section at just under 32 weeks!  Two days of IV fluid, lots of water and bed rest and 5 days later I was sent home-with babies in belly!  Tomorrow we hit 33 weeks and the plan is to keep on going as long as the babies are healthy and hydrated!


I also want to say that I feel very blessed with a great team of doctors and nurses.  Everyone was very much on my side and supportive of my choices.  I have read some awful things about ultrasound technicians, doctors, etc but everyone I encountered was great.  It was also nice to reconnect with the staff who were there 29 months ago when my son was born at 28 weeks!  They all were so happy to see him and excited that I was back with twins!

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I had my twins prematurely two months ago.They were born at 29 weeks.We spent 2 months in the nicu.They are now home.My youngest twin has more health problems and requires oxygen and an apnea moniter.

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Hi Ashley - Welcome!  I added you to the list above.


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Hey alll!  Where did everyone go???


Quick update:  33 weeks today, doc thinks I will deliver between 35 and 36 weeks, before 9-1...



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I'm here! Wow, just a few more weeks for you, kungfufugirl! Hope it goes well for you, and I can't wait to hear about your babies!

My babies are head down as of my last U/S on Aug. 2nd. Let's hope they stay that way! I have another scan on the 30th. I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday!

I've gotten the clothes sorted, diapers ready, I just need to wash them. It's getting more real now that there's only a month & a half left or so!
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Hi all,


I am so exhausted today.  I finally got my 2 year old down for a nap.  She has been alternating between demanding and clingy all day long.


Has any one used maternity belt/supports for pelvic pain/?spd ?  I started out with hip/piriformis pain during the first tri and I have gotten some relief with a chiro but it still hurts to walk, steps, rolling over, etc (and the pain has moved to front as well).  I pretty much stopped exercising at about 12 wks secondary to pain and general fatigue which is contributing to my feeling like a giant slug.  I have gained about 24lb and I'll be 24 wks this Wed so I am happy about the theoretical benefits of early weight gain but I also caught a glimpse of my backside while at the pool and it was not a pretty picture.  I know I have lost muscle mass during this pregnancy (I was doing crossfit training prior to getting pregnant) and I am worried that I will never get back into shape (especially with a toddler and twins - when will I have the time to work out???)  I know that this is petty (as I have plenty of other things to stress over) but exercise always gave me more energy in the past so I wish it didn't hurt so much to get off the couch.


A few people have asked me if I am having a baby shower and I'm not sure what to tell them.  I have a two year old and still have plenty of baby supplies (for 1 kid) but it would be nice to have some new boy or gender neutral things (otherwise the boy twin is going to be wearing a lot of pink hand me downs).  Of course this is my second preg and I would be gauche for me throw myself a shower.  I haven't purchased anything so far during this pregnancy.  I haven't even made sure the car seats will fit yet.  (I think my Subaru will fit 3 across - and then I will have a year or so before biting the bullet and getting a minivan)

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  • Name? (if you feel like it) : Amanda
  • You and maybe your partners age at the birth: 26
  • Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both: di/di
  • What number of kids will is be for you: 1&2
  • Genders? Will you be finding out: two boys
  • EDD and or planned birth timing: EDD 8/1/11, born 6/23/11
  • State you live in: Wisconsin
  • Anything else you want to share: Spent 17 days in NICU, but home and doing well now!
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  • Name? (if you feel like it)
  • Alli
  • You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
  • I'll be 24 dh will be 25
  • Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
  • Di/di
  • What number of kids will is be for you?
  • 4 & 5!!
  • Genders? Will you be finding out?
  • We will be finding out asap! I had no intentions of finding out the gender this time around. But twins was a big enough surprise!
  • EDD and or planned birth timing?
  • April 8th- Easter Sunday!
  • State you live in?
  • New York


I see this thread it pretty dead- I'm hoping it picks up a bit! It'd be great to chat with others pregnant with two or more :)


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Hi All - I updated the title of the thread to reflect the change in seasons.


Hi Alli,  Not too many expectant moms have been posting here right now.  I've mostly been posting in my DDC but I seem to be the only one there posting with twins on the way.

I am 31 wks and both my babes have flipped breech.  I'm hoping they both (or at least A) flips back before my next ultrasound.  I just got back from the chiro.  Otherwise, I am tired and achy but no real health issues above the typical for third trimester.  Supposedly I have super model of a cervix (I guess my OB means that it is super long).

I'll be happy to chat if you like - maybe we can revive this thread over the next month or so.

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I am here now at 32 weeks. Checking in to say hi. I am expecting idenitical boys and have a 3yo DS who is nursing. Feeling good except for occasional fatigue. Had TTTS scare at 19 weeks but fluids have stablized and hopefully will stay that way. My husband and I are avid runners/hikers so hoping to continue our lifestyle somehow.

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I'm still here, almost 38 weeks now, so the babies could come any day now! Yikes, it's scary yet exciting at the same time! Both babies (boy/girl) are doing good, and are both head down joy.gif ! I'm feeling pretty good, it's getting hard to move around though.
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Hi! I'm starting my 26th week now with spontaneous triplets (identical boys and a girl). Feeling good, eating loads, and taking it easy. I'm enjoying myself now, because I know this can get quite uncomfortable in the next weeks. At the moment, I'm feeling pretty darned beautiful and curvy and downright sexy. 


dsb - hope those babies flip back! Let us know after your next u/s. Though it is still early. Maybe it's still nice and roomy in there for them to do a little gymnastics before settling into good birthing positions


EonJourney- I hear you with the little bit of nervousness about being able to continue with all the fun stuff one likes to do after babies come. The way we figure, with four kids instead of the planned-for two, hiking and camping is all we'll be able to afford to do anyway -- good thing that's what we like.


MamaLove - what a big family to love! Congratulations on making it to 38 weeks - and both head-down! Wonderful.

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Emaya - glad you are feeling so good!! You sound so happy smile.gif . I hope your pregnancy continues to go well for you!! Thank you for the compliments!!
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Originally Posted by Emaya View Post

Hi! I'm starting my 26th week now with spontaneous triplets (identical boys and a girl). Feeling good, eating loads, and taking it easy. I'm enjoying myself now, because I know this can get quite uncomfortable in the next weeks. At the moment, I'm feeling pretty darned beautiful and curvy and downright sexy. 


Wow Emaya,  I'm really jealous!  I feel "curvy" (or one big curvy) but o/w pretty blah (and I'm only expecting 2!). 


Actually yesterday I felt pretty good, I went to a yoga class with a teacher I haven't seen in a few years and I felt great both during and afterwards.  Then I went to mom's house and we tried to do this freezer meals "day" with something we found on line - however I'm not sure who tested these recipes because the spices turned out all wrong - the mac and goat cheese sounded so good but it called for a full tsp of cayenne pepper and that completely overpowered the recipe - I think a 1/4 tsp would have been sufficient (not sure what I will do with 2 loaf pans of super hot mac and cheese - maybe it will mellow after being in the freezer for a month?)  I was completely exhausted when I got home, luckily my daughter went to bed by 8p and then I lounged and watched project runway with warm rice sock on my lower belly and an ice pack on the top part of my belly.  I think baby A is still heads up this AM though.  I am going to try moxabuxion next week I think.


EonJourney - I completely hear you about wondering how I will be active when these babies come - It has been hard enough to do fit in activities with one infant/toddler - but with 2 infants plus a toddler? I'm hoping I can figure out how to leave the house this winter!


MamaLove - yea for 38 weeks!  I am excited for you!  I worry that I will flip these babies only to have them flip back right before delivery.  (I should probably just worry about 1 thing at a time though).


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