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Unassisted Birth after 2 Cesareans

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Hello!  I am new to this site!


I am doing a lot of research on UC, and am thinking of doing this myself this time!  I am due January 20th, 2012, and have had 2 previous C-sections (both I feel like I was tricked into).  Have had issues with low progesterone during my last pregnancy and after the birth of my last child which have caused me to get some very small cysts on my ovaries, but other than that, no health problems.  This baby is growing and thriving very well so far!!!


What I am wanting to know is, are there any other moms attempting and unassisted birth after cesarean?  Or after TWO cesareans like me?  Any other moms out there have successful unassisted births after cesareans?


What do I need in preparation?  What things should I be looking out for when I do go into labor?  

Any other's experiences would be awesome!  


Thanks so much!!!



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I'm interested in the replies to this thread... I'm going through the same situation.

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I would recommend you start googling vaginal birth, homebirth, and unassisted birth after caesarean.  I would be looking for lots of statistics and studies.  You might find some help on the ICAN website.  I know there are other support sites out there for VBACing women, but I don't know them, as I've never had a c-section.  I would want to be in tip-top shape, exercising regularly, and eating very healthy.


I'll just be honest here and say that if it was me, I would really want a midwife there for a VBA2C.  I'm the type who tested myself first before I went that next step.  I had two highly interventive births in the hospital.  The next birth I went natural, stayed home as long as possible, and had the natural birth in hospital.  This taught me that I could give birth without any interventions, that my body wasn't broken.  I then went on to have not one but two homebirths with midwives assisting, even though I knew about UC.  This taught me that I really could do it by myself.  The midwives did very little, and what they did do I could do myself or my husband could.  And then I had my UCs.  For me, this constant testing out was necessary to my own peace of mind to ensure I was being as safe as possible.  I still got prenatal care, 20-week ultrasound, etc.  That was important to me too.  I have said that if this baby is breech (which I have no history of, this is just one of my contingencies), I want a midwife at the birth.  I know not everyone is having a large family that would enable them to test themselves and their abilities in this manner, but it worked for me.


And I say all this only to give you my own point of view and what I would do if I were in your circumstances.  I don't judge you at all, if you go ahead and have a UC, just because I wouldn't.  It is based on my own comfort level, and that's very personal.  I don't think that you won't or can't have a beautiful successful UC right off the bat, in fact, I imagine the odds are in your favor.  I will congratulate you and support you unless you reveal something healthwise that could factually put you and/or baby in danger, and then I would advise you toward safety measures, which could include professional care. 


And just because I watched this recently, it was fresh in my mind, so here's the link to a video of exactly your situation.  A VBA2C.  Good luck to you on your journey.




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me. I have had 4 csects. I have had 3 vbacs too.  I currently have an OB, but hate the hospital so we are seriously considering UC.

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i've had 2 unassisted births after my cesarean and a friend had a UBAC after 2 cesareans. She dud wind up in hospital for a few days after due to a retained placenta, though.


I think one of the most important things to learn about is the signs of rupture other than fetal distress. There are a few, but they're largely ignored by medpros. The big one is pain that isn't contraction pain, usually in the area of your scar. There's also being able to visibly see a difference in the baby's position. That one is a late sign, though as it generally means at least part of the baby is outside the uterus. Bleeding can be another sign. There's usually a tiny bit of blood while labouring (bloody show) but if you have more than a bit, it could mean trouble.


For UBA2C, I'd be tempted to rent a doppler for labour and check the heartbeat at regular intervals (make that your partner's job).


To prepare, working through your fears is a huge issue in any VBAC, not just UBAC. The book "Birthing from Within" has some good exercises. I also got the records for ds1's delivery, but most people don't go that far.


You should also (for any UC) really educate yourself about birth. For my first UBAC, I read Heart & Hands as well as the Emergency Childbirth manual (& trying to get dh to read it). I'd already been studying about birth for about 3 years before that, so those were enough to help me get some info I didn't have. I've heard the newest (4th ed) version of Heart & Hands is much more UC friendly than the one I had.


You also need to consider what kind of monitoring you want to do for yourself. Do you want to just be careful with your nutrition? Do you want to listen for the heartbeat? Check your  fundal height & weight? Get some test strips and test your urine? Get a glucose monitor/blood pressure monitor and keep an eye on those? (for my last 2, I just used the blood pressure machines in some pharmacies to check mine near the end)





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I had a UBA2C in Sept last year and it was amazing and if you are up for it I would go for it. But do lots of research on VBAC and homebirth and what to look for when VBACing at home.  We did a TON of reading and researching before hand. In the end it went beautifully.  No regreats, in fact we surprisingly just found out we are pregnant again and are planning another UC forsure!


ETA: I just realized that video posted above is mine! :)

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Keep up the good work.


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My husband and I alone delivered our 6th child unassisted March 30th, 2009 after five c-sections and no previous vaginal births. I had also attempted homebirths with midwives for our second and third daughter with no avail. I am a firm believer in unassisted birth (especially after c-sections) and am currently pregnant with number 7 due in June or 2012. If you have any questions please feel free to email me: fshammond@hotmail.com



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