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I need a middle name

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DH and I have finally agreed on a first name, Dylan. We had already agreed on the middle name Sloan but that was when I was considering other first names. I hadn't even considered Dylan then. The name Dylan Sloan just isn't working for me so I'm in the market for a different middle name.

Meaning is a big deal for both of us. My dh likes strong, warrior, soldier, hero type names (maybe because he's a Marine winky.gif). I don't want both names to be like that, though. Dylan means something like hero of the sea and Sloan means warrior. Too much testosterone for me. lol.gif I'd like something more calm and peaceful and chill. I like nature meanings. No religious meanings, please.

Anyone have any ideas?
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When I saw the name Dylan, the immediate middle name that popped into my head was Cole- of a triumphant people.  Still a little warrior-ish though...


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My first thought was Dylan Stone! Probably because it rhymes with Sloan smile.gif but it meets your criteria--nature-inspired and not too much of a warrior name but still strong and masculine.

Dylan Storm
Dylan Cobalt
Dylan Zephyr
Dylan Flint
Dylan Pheonix
Dylan Gray
Dylan Chance

ETA: oops, Storm is not so "calm & peaceful!"
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Originally Posted by Narleegates View Post

Still a little warrior-ish though...

Haha! Yeah.

What about Dylan Kyle? Kyle was on our original list of names from way back in 2000 when we were TTC our #1 together. It means handsome and near the chapel but I can go with handsome. smile.gif
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Dylan Silas? Means forest, I believe.
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Thanks, ladies. Keep 'em coming. I'm going cross-eyed looking at list after list of names. I found a website that generates middle name suggestions but I haven't liked any of them so far.

I like names that have a positive meaning so it doesn't have to be limited to nature.
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ooh Dylan Kyle is fun! I also like Dylan Chance or Flint, those are neat

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I like Dylan Chance, too. I came across Chance in one of my books and like the meaning. I can't remember exactly what it is but something about having good luck.
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Dylan Chance is a great name! I know a cute little guy named Chance :)

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