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Breast size after extended breastfeeding

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I had promised myself that after DD weaned I'd get some new bras. Well, she's almost 22 months old and it doesn't look like we're stopping anytime soon. She was exclusively breastfed for 8 months. Now she nurses for naps, bed time, and the occasional I'm bored, I'm scared, mommy looked at another baby type of thing. 


I'm wondering if I bought new bras now would the size of my breasts change significantly once she weaned. Should I wait? 


I've worn nuring tanks since she was born and just recently started wearing my old bras on occasion. Oh support how I've missed you. I've lost some weight and you can actually tell when I wear a regular bra. My old standard bras are some what worn and the band needs to be set to the smallest. 


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if you can fit into your pre-preggo bras, I would guess you're safe, but I haven't gone through weaning yet, and probably won't for a while

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The old bras are pretty old and stretched out. I think I've made up for increased cup size with reduced band size (from weight loss). What I'm worried about is the cup size going down significantly after weaning. 

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You should be re-measured after major events like pregnancy anyway, so I'd say get thee to a good lingerie shop and see what size you are right now, then buy at least 2-3 bras that fit great for now.  The size might change when you wean altogether, but how long will that be?  Why wait?

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I agree with cadybh.  I waited until my son was almost two to get some good supportive bras and mostly lived in nursing tanks before that.  Boy does a good bra make a difference!!  It was totally worth the $$.  My son is about to turn 3 and while I can tell one of the bras is on the big size in the cups, for the most part they all  still fit great (my son is not weaned yet).  A well fitting bra can make a world of difference in your appearance and comfort!!  Just don't get too freaked out by your new cup size ;)

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Treat yourself to some new bras. As a pp said it really will make a lot of difference to how you feel. I bought various nursing bras as my size and shape changed, but when DS was 3.5 and only nursing at night or before breakfast, I went back to normal regular underwired bras. The difference in fit and shape was amazing. I get remeasured and buy new bras every 6 months to a year depending on when I can get to a country with good lingerie shops - like the UK (US and Spain are terrible). I'm in the process of finally weaning but I suspect I'll end up very close to my original prepreg size.

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buy bras now. there's no sense going with discomfort between now and whenever it is that you stop. your "girls" are working hard and need support!


i bfed my first for 4 years and i saw no major difference between size 6 months before stopping vs right after stopping. i started wearing regular bras when i was down to nursing around sleep times.

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I'd just buy some bras (nursing or not) that fit you well right now. Go to the store and try on a lot of sizes with different cups and band widths.

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