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Bead Swap

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you can join the yahoo group here


Hi mamas,
I know I just joined this ddc today, and I know there are a lot of mamas that will be joining in the next few months, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in a bead swap for birthing necklaces. I did this with my first in the November 2009 ddc, and that necklace is an heirloom that will be passed down to my daughter . If anyone is interested let me know, and if this has already been discussed I do apologize. My toddler keeps me busy, and I haven't had time to browse the club. smile.gif

I will be happy to help start a yahoo group/Facebook page to facilitate the bead swap. I know it wasn't allowed on site in '09 so I do not want to break the rules.


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I love this idea!  Count me in ;)


And let me know if you need any help!

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I'd be in, too! I still have my necklace from Ren's birth...

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Sounds fun, but I've never heard of it before. Could you post a picture?

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This was my necklace from my last DDC. Wearing this during my birth was wonderful!!

193 (2).JPG

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I would love to participate in a bead swap, and am also available to help if needed!

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here is a link to my necklace.





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count me in!

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Beautiful! I am not at all crafty but I would love to attempt this!!

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Could someone explain how it works, please?

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I would love to join in as well!

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Originally Posted by Kyamo View Post

Could someone explain how it works, please?

I've never participated in one before, so I could be wrong, but I think everyone who is participating sends one bead to every other participant to make a necklace. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Kyamo View Post

Could someone explain how it works, please?

They sometimes work different ways, but the basic premise is:

- people sign up to be a part of the swap

- once we get a count (X), everyone sends X beads to the organizer

- the organizer sorts the beads into X packs, so that each participant gets one of each bead

- the organizer sends each participant a pack of beads

- each participant receives a bead from each of the other mamas in the group!


You make a necklace or whatever you want out of the beads to wear during your pregnancy and birth and remind you of all the love and support from our DDC!


ETA: like Bugglette said, we could each send each other a bead, but if someone is willing to organize it makes it SO much easier. We can arrange to send the organizer a little $ for shipping, or a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with our beads, if that helps.

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When I did it in 09, we all included a SElf addressed, priority flat rate envelope in our package. (4.95) with the postage on it. That way, the postage was covered regardless of the weight of the package. It worked well. I am happy to sort the beads, or if another mama wants to that's cool too.
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Count me in too!  

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I would be willing to give this a try, I am normally not very crafty but I like the idea.

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I'm in...I have a bead stash that is much too big.
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Count me in too.

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I didn't do this with DD and I wish I had.  So, if my little one sticks, I'm in!

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