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I loved being in a bead swap before in my last DDC. So I'm totally in!

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Ooh, I'd love to participate!
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Count me in! I didn't get a chance to do this with my first baby because I was in the midst of an international move when the deadline for sending the beads was. Excited!

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I'd be in that!  I gather it's not a problem if I'm on the other side of the world though, right?

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Sounds like an awesome idea. :)   Count me in.

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I am in too if this baby stays put!

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I just found this thread, but I am interested in a bead swap - such a good idea!!

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I'm in!  I did this for my DDC in 07 and I love the beads I was sent.  It's a great connection to other Mamas!

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I would love to do this! I didn't with my daughter, but always wish I had!
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I'm in!

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I don't know how I missed this thread before, this sounds like an awesome idea! I'd love to participate

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hi mamas,

i started us a yahoo group so we can furthur discuss how we want to set this thing up. here is the link:





i made the group private, so we wouldn't have any spammers join, so i will have to approve whoever requests to join. in the notes mention our ddc.


also, does anyone else want to be a moderator?



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double post. sorry.


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I can't wait to participate!!

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bumping this up.

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I joined the yahoo group but haven't heard anything... any word on the bead swap? :)

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Do I have to join the yahoo?  Can I do it if I don't?  :)

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you might have to change your settings to "indiviual email" or "daily digest"


there has only been about 6 mamas join and really not a lot of discussion. if someone has a better way to do it, please chime in.


birthfree~ you don't have to join, just pm someone to find out dates and where to send beads. none of that has been decided yet though. its all still up for discussion on the group.

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Bumping this up.

The last day to sign up is nov. 1st

Join us!! smile.gif
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I want in!  Just don't want to joint the yahoo.  :)

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