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I have large breasts (currently I am busting out of my 34G at 35w pregnant, sigh) and being totally naked is uncomfortable to me for that reason. In my past 2 births I did not care AT ALL about being naked otherwise, and I am not normally an exhibitionist (though not super modest either). I just kept on my regular bra and had a nursing bra handy for afterwards. I was in and out of water and don't recall really caring about being wet or anything. Good point about bikini top though- I bought a bra-size bikini for the summer with excellent support so I think I'll put that in the waterbirth kit :)


Nice to have some extra hair clips/ties around if you have long hair, and remind your partner/helper to keep after your glasses if you wear those. With my first I lost track of my glasses in the end of labor and then I was like "I can't see!!" after baby was born. Not cool!


You might want to check on the possibility of warming up the room/home where you will be in case its cool weather- the newborn will like to be warm and that way you won't be chilly from being wet and naked afterwards.

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I am a pretty modest person and I had no desire to be naked in labour, but being in the pool covered with water seemed different to me.  I ended up in the pool with just a black sports bra on and nothing else.  And you really do feel "covered" by the water, and whatever people can see under there is blurry anyway.  I would not want a swim skirt because it would probably just float around instead of actually covering you.  And a bikini or swim suit bottom is not going to cover much anyway.  I have a pic of myself in the pool where you can see that I'm wearing this black sports bra, and then you see giant belly and legs under the water and that's it.  No one looking at that pic would know whether I'm actually wearing a bikini bottom or nothing at all.  The belly kind of hides it.  


I plan to wear the same sports bra this time, although I really like the idea someone mentioned of the belly band as tube top!  I'm going to try it in the water and see if I like that.  Full coverage for photos, but instant access for BFing and skin-to-skin when you want it!

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I have a birth skirt and a sports bra. For a waterbirth, if I have one, I'd just wear the sports bra. I think I was pretty much naked for my last delivery, it was really hot in that room! :)

 I'm a size double huge, lol. Something around a 38G or H. I found a decent, maybe a tad small, nursing bra at Target. I don't like to wear pants anyway so I won't have a problem with a lack of bottms if I do go bottomless.

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I am modest too but clothes started bothering me when active labor kicked in.  They all came off except for my top.  


Don't worry.  You won't be concerned about how you look once you start focusing on getting the baby out.  

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I don't want this to sound Spammy, but I just got a birth skirt from Kobieta and it's super comfy and soft. I wouldn't wear it in the water, I think, but I'll definitely wear it before. 


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I wore a maternity bathing suit top... nothing on the bottom.  I plan on doing the same thing this time.  The material didn't bother me at all, and I felt much better not having my saggy boobies in pictures..lol!

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( I can't believe I'm posting in a homebrth thread!! Im gonna' have a homebirth and I'm SOOO excited!!!)

I plan on wearing a sleep bra from Madela. It's like a sports bra in support but the entire breast area opens through nursing bra clasps to expose both breasts. It was my favorite postpartum bra with DS. The photos I've seen really dont' show anything below the waist, either because mama's belly is is the way or because of the way water reflects. So, nothing on the bottom.


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With my first 4 births I wore a comfy sports bra (the same one)!  Nothing on bottom while in the water.  This time, I am searching for a short skirt.  I am having a photographer here this time, and some friends so I want to be a little more modest.  Honestly though, I don't remember even caring one bit what I was wearing while birthing.  Too busy focusing on the task at hand! 



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I wear a maternity swim top -- I have two, and I tend to where the one that feels most comfortable at the time.  One is a tankini top, and the other is as long as a tankini top, but not form-fitting (flares out loosely a little like a regular shirt). 

The one I wore during my last birth was a lot like:  This.

It was very comfortable, and easy to remove once the babe was born.

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