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Movie theater etiquette and 2 month old

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Ok, I would LOVE to see the new Harry Potter movie today, but would like to take my two month old.  She's pretty mellow, would probably nurse/sleep through the experience, and I'd be prepared to leave if she started fussing (going to afternoon matinee at a cheap theater).


It's been a long time since I've been to the movies (last one was Harry Potter 7 (part 1) and I have no idea if this is normal or if theaters frown on mamas with babies.  Ideas? Tips?

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i would probably sit near the back or on the aisle for a quick escape.  i don't think anyone would frown upon it as long as you left if baby was disturbing others.


does your area have special screenings for parents with babies.  where i am they're called "monday morning mommy movies", but they have different names in various places.  the volume is lowered, the lights are dim (rather than completely off) and they even set up changing tables in the back. 


i say go and have fun!

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I personally am not a fan of babies in theaters unless its geared towards kids like Toy Story and movies like that. 


I personally don't feel its appropriate but I know many do. I would say a mid day one would be best since a lot of people bring kids to those ones. 




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Do it!!!  I took the baby to see Bridesmades (ha!  I went to see and took the baby with me) when she was two months.  It was a regular screening and at that time all she did was nurse and sleep through the entire film.  It was a little bit loud though - the volume on the film - but the baby didn't seem to mind it.  She was a champ and didn't stir throughout.


Now, however, that the baby is older with longer play periods, I don't think I'd take her to a regular film as I'm sure I'd have to leave for a good portion of it. 

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Go! We went when n she was small and she nursed and slept the whole time. Its more challenging now BC she gets bored and wants to crawl and babble and play. We went last week (she's 11months now) and its too much for me. She's just too active. But the first 6 months were so easy to go anywhere. Bring a carrier...so in case you need to bounce or nurse to asleep you can stand in the back.

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My concern wouldn't be with the baby (I know mine would have slept/nursed through at that age), but with the volume in the theater. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable exposing a little baby to that level of noise.
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Thanks for all the input! We went to an afternoon show and it was great! The theater was not crowded and I got an aisle seat close to an exit. I had her in the mint and she slept through the whole thing. It was a little loud but didn't cause her to stir (she snored her way through the 4th of July!).
I'm so glad we went!
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Um, Moby, not mint. Darn autofill!
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i'm glad you did it!

i went once with dd1 as a newborn and she also slept through the whole thing. by the time she was a crawling and loud baby i had regretted not going more often when she was tiny tiny.

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