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Cheapest (online) source of organic clothes?

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My kids have really never had any new clothes, ever. They've been perfectly well dressed in secondhand clothing, and I'm happy with that - I'm the queen of secondhand, and I'm quite proud that almost everything we own (clothing, furniture, kitchen items, everything) is acquired either through thrifting, CL, freecycle, etc. However, we are at the point where I'm a bit more conscious about the materials the kids are wearing - and I'd prefer more natural materials than what they've been wearing. However, I'm shocked at the prices I've been finding online - I've been seeing shirts for $20, $40, even $60 and I'm floored - that's pretty much our budget for a season's worth of clothing for both of the kids together. I don't even wear clothing that costs so much. I can't think of a single shirt I've ever bought that was $60. Wow. Are prices more reasonable anywhere else on the web? What are your favorite bargain sites for natural clothing? I'm perfectly happy with plain tees, pants, etc - they don't have to be cutesy, although I won't object if they are.
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Have you signed up for Zulily.com?  I receive their emails every 2-3 days (I subscribed with a free gmail account to avoid cluttering my regular account).  They run limited sales from a number of vendors for baby & childrens' clothing, clothes for mommy, toys, and other child gear.  I think they have quite a few more vendors now than they used to-- it seems like there are a ton more on the page when I click over!  Not all of these companies sell organic clothing, but usually at least a few do.  Some really cute stuff, too!!  I've seen both very simple, staple items as well as cutesy stuff.

Check it out!  :-)

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happy green bee

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I second the happy green bee outlet suggestion.


Beyond that, you really have to shop the sales online. I'm on the mailing list for my favorite brands so that I know when things go on sale and when there are good promo codes (and I do stack sales and promo codes when possible). Some sites also offer special deals if you friend them on facebook.


Sage Creek Organic has a lot of stuff in their sale section (for younger kids) and they've got a 30% off promo code that expires tomorrow. Hess Natur has a 25% off promo through July 24 and there are a few things left in their sale section. I try to get Hanna Andersson stuff off eBay, but if there were an outlet store near me I'd go there and use coupons to keep the prices down.

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I just peeked at Happy Green Bee and they have awesome things on clearance right now for great prices!

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I just looked at Happy Green Baby, too, and they do have some adorable stuff!  Too bad they don't have boys' stuff, too... 

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Thanks for the recommendations. Happy Green Bee has some cute stuff, not too much of a selection though, considering I don't like their salt and pepper combination stuff and I have a boy as well. I did like one of the pants, though...

I went with the thrift store option again - you can't beat 99 cents an outfit! I went for the plain, all-cotton stuff, even though I know not all cotton is, um, "healthy" cotton. I'm going to embroider a few designs onto them. DS picked out a few he likes, like a turtle and an elephant, and those shouldn't be too hard to do. I like to embroider. I also picked up a huge, and I mean huge bundle of all-wool vintage thread... It was $2 for the bag and they all had their original price tags (from, I think, the 70's? Or earlier?) - and they were all like $2 a piece back then. All in all, it was about 50 bundles of wool thread, and I can't imagine they wouldn't be more expensive today... So, score. smile.gif
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There are lots of t shirts (as well as shorts, hoodies, etc) at happy green bee that are "boy friendly" colors. You just have to look on page 3 or 4 (and beyond) in the clearance section.


But you will never, ever beat those thrift store prices!

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Blankstyle.com will give you cheaper per-piece pricing (similar to wholesale) on American Apparel items, including organic.

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