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Baby Boy Barber (no name yet!) Arrived July 10

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Baby Barber



Hi ladies,


Here's our as yet unnamed beauty boy on Day 3...We had a fantastic birth.

He was 7 lbs. 12 oz., 21 inches long, and his head was 13 and 3/4 inches! yikes!


My waters broke spontaneously at 1:35 AM with a trickle. I woke DH and we got up to get myself situated, and then went back to bed. I was a little amped but did get some sleep after timing some pressure waves at about 8 minutes apart. We got up in the morning around 7, started filling the birth tub, and made some breakfast. We were both really excited that we were going to meet our baby that day!


Up until about 9:30, I was still having very light pressure waves, and was making phone calls to share the news that we were in labor. My daughter was excited to try the birth tub, and also excited to hear the reason we were filling it was because we were going to meet the baby that day. Around 9:30, I decided to put on headphones and listen to one of my hypnobabies tracks to try and get things a little more regular and stronger. I listened for about an hour, and had some waves that were a bit stronger, but I was still not feeling uncomfortable. At the end of the hour, my midwives arrived and checked in with me, and settled in to wait. In a little while, they suggested going for a little walk outside (it was a beautiful day), so DH and I walked in the yard slowly, and I realized that my pressure waves were getting stronger, some of them rather uncomfortable. Hypnobabies was having a hard time keeping up!  We were only out there for about 10  minutes or so. When we were walking back in, I remarked that I was starting to feel a little hesitant about the sensations, and had the thought that that was a transition thought, but didn't feel like I was anywhere close to that! 


When we got back inside, the midwife suggested checking me, because she thought I might be dilated enough to get into the tub. I agreed, and then had a huge, really strong birthing wave. I let it pass, then stood to go to the bed and immediately had another really strong wave. I got the bed and had another! I was suddenly realizing we were almost done! It was about 11:30 now. My midwife checked and found that I was complete! 


I got into the tub and rode out a few more pressure waves, where I was beginning to feel the transition to pushing. Then on the next one, I felt the head move down fast and it was there at the gates. I said "Oh, I think the head is there!" We checked and sure enough, there was a head. I turned over so my midwife could support my perineum (I tore badly during my first birth and was wanting to minimize it in my second). She held his head in during the next two or so waves, and I pushed some and panted some to stop pushing. That panting was one of the hardest things I've ever done! On the next wave, I pushed out his head, and then there was a several minute pause before the next wave, where I pushed out his shoulders with the midwife's help. My DH caught him, and they all handed him to me to check out! He was very calm and alert after a brief cry, and was listening to DH and I and looking us over. Just beautiful. That super intense part was only about 40 minutes long!


The placenta was very large, and maybe folded over on itself, and was rather hard to push out. It hurt! Once it was out, we retired to bed, and our daughter came home shortly after (she didn't want to hear me make loud noises during labor, so she went on a walk with my aunt) and we snuggled in as a family of four! 


It was a very fast and intense birth, but I was so grateful to hypnobabies for helping me keep my mind at ease throughout the labor, even if it didn't override the pain sensations. I was just so excited to meet our baby I didn't mind the sensations. It was everything I wanted our birth to be! joy.gif


Thanks to everyone else for sharing their stories, it's so fun to read. Now we're resting up, and heading home today from our homebirth rental (we live too far from town to have a true homebirth). Enjoying falling in love with our new little one.

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Aww. looks like a sweet old soul~might help you pick a name ay? Congrats on a safe and positive birth! Enjoy...

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Aww congrats! He's is really beautiful!

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Yeah....beautiful birth story!

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Beautiful story!  Congratulations!!

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Beautiful!  Don't forget to come back and tell us the name. ;)

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I bet by now he has a name!  Congratulations.  What a lovely story.  Lovely baby, too with such sweet lips!



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