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Please dont lock your children in a room. Have sex somewhere else, or turn a room downstairs into a bedroom for them.

Locking children in their room is a HUGE fire hazard.

I understand this is the gut reaction of a lot of people, but the bottom line is either a young child can or cannot get out of a house in the event of a fire.  If the front door is unlocked and so is the bedroom, they can potentially get out (not that most probably would make their way out in a fire...).  That means that they could also potentially get out in the middle of the night when there is no fire.  Which is not safe.  I just saw something on the news about a four year old sleep walking on the highway.  Alternatively, a parent can lock them in their room which prevents them from leaving/falling down the stairs/etc. but there is a fire risk, sure, maybe.  I think a fire is less likely than a fall down the steps at night, etc, and firefighters at least would know where a child was if they were locked in their room and could rescue them.  If not, they could be anywhere in the house or outside. 


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The OP's children are 3 years old and 1 1/2 years old.  It's not a good idea for children this age to be up and wandering around at night while the adults are asleep.   They could fall down the stairs.  They could get safely down stairs but then get into the kitchen.  They could get into the toilet.  The safe place for them at night is in a bed, in their own room or parents' room.  The OP is brainstorming how to find a safe sleep solution that works for her whole family -including herself and her partner.



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Honestly, our dd is younger than your oldest, and she has been able to handle stairs and being in her own room safely for a long time now. Are you a really deep sleeper? I really think you will wake up if they leave their room, especially if you shut (but don't lock) their door and leave yours open. Extra especially if you also use a baby monitor. You know your kids, but when dd wakes up, she's in our room before she's even got her eyes open! She's spirited, and a daredevil, but she's not once tried to do anything but get in to bed with us!

It did occur to me that a screen door may (or may not!) be a cheaper alternative. Those handles can be tough to work for grown ups, and would still allow for visibility/hearing. I'd install it so that the side of the door with the locking mechanism is on the outside, just so they wouldn't accidentally lock themselves in. I also think that the Gosslins of Jon and Kate + 8 had full-on, un-climbable baby gates back in the day. (?) Hope you figure something out!

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