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I am in a similar position in that I have no children but do have tarsal coalition myself. All I can say is try and do what ever it takes to get it sorted early. It took 8 years of doctors, physio, chiropodists, injections and scans before I was diagnosed at 33. I had an op which didnt work and now I have back pain, arthritis in my knees and still pain in my ankles. The earlier you can sort this the better

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Hi my 11 year old son had tarsal coalition surgery on both feet 2 days ago. He hasn't got any casts or boots on them, just crepe bandages and padding after surgery, these were changed to light dressings today. He has to keep his feet elevated for 4 days but after that will be encouraged to swim daily and weight bear as much as he is happy with. He is already trying his crutches out for short periods and took 8 steps today. He is on ibruprofen and paracetamol but has not needed much today. Full recovery is expected in around 6 weeks. We are in New Zealand and it seems that the procedure is very different here.
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Hi We are now 4 weeks post surgery and my son is swimming, running and cycling as normal. No limp whatsoever. If it wasn't for 10cm scars on each foot you wouldn't have known that he had had anything done. His feet are also slightly flatter than before.

Apart from swimming he kept his feet up for the first 2 weeks, rotating and stretching them every half hour or so and after that was allowed to walk as much as he wanted. We used a wheelchair for the first 3 weeks and he has walked without any support since then.

My surgeon can't understand why you would immobilise the feet when the last thing that you would want is for the bones to heal together. He says he never put any sort of cast or moon boot on tarsal coalitions patients are they usually fully mobile again within 6 weeks.

I was really glad I paid to get the operation done as soon as possible, although after reading lots of comments on forums I was very apprehensive. It turned out to be less painful and a faster recovery than a broken ankle. The cost over here was $8200NZ

My advice would be to get it done asap!

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Hello, my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with Talocalcaneal tarsal coalition in right foot two months ago. She has some pain and limited flexibility in her foot(side motion). She is high level gymnast and spends over 20 hours a week training. Doctor wants to just wait and see if steroid shots will help. We are trying to get another opinion, but it seems hard to find foot/ankle specialist. We live in California.
I am very glad I found this site, would love to hear from people that had the surgery done and how their kids are doing?
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Our advice would be to get it done as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the higher the chance of long term problems caused by arthritic changes to the other bones in the foot. My son broke his 5th metatarsal  a few weeks ago so had to have X rays of his right foot. This meant that we got the opportunity to have a look at the bones that were operated on. They have healed beautifully and apparently now look no different to a normal foot.

My son loves being able to rotate his feet fully and is now swimming and running MUCH faster than before the operation. As the stiffness creeps up gradually he didn't realise just how limited his movement had become despite being a very active child participating in sporting activities everyday. He was only diagnosed due to having an injured foot that didn't respond to physio which meant that he was sent for X-Rays.

We got both feet done at once which meant that he was not really mobile for about 3 weeks but he was swimming 3 days after the operation and had suprisingly little pain which was controlled with normal over the counter medication. Keeping his feet up definitely helped to reduce swelling and aid recovery time

Steroid shots will improve the pain short term but will not make any difference long term. The longer you leave it the move fused the bones will become which means the worse the surgery will be.

If you want me to email you some photos of his feet my email address is claire.horncastle@xtra.co.nz

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