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Work Stress

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Hi Jamie! Hope all is well with you.



Question # 3


My job is driving my bonkers.  The office climate and politics just doesn't jive with me and is causing me a ton of stress. While I am grateful for the employment, the thought of facing another day of not being with my kids and being fully available to them is becoming close to unbareble, so much so that I am considering doing home daycare.  Do you have any insight into this situation?



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Morning! I can understand how it's not jiving with you! The job is not really in line with your highest purpose. Which we have talked about before. I think that home day care is a viable option for now. But does not have long term status to it. But in the meantime of putting you home with your children, I believe it's not a bad idea. However, I am hearing to warn you not to try to have as many children as legally possible. But instead focus on just a few. If that's financially feasible. I'm hearing no more than 3 or 4. (not including your children). I don't know what the legal number is, so you will obviously need to look into that.

I think you should follow your desire to be at home with your children.

in the long run your work will be about what we have spoken about in our sessions.

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Thank you so much! 

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Welcome! :)

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