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hey alaskan ladies

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We finally got ou VA ratings and our Army ratings so we're going to be coming back for sure to alaska. We tried looking at a few other states but we belong back in alaska for sure.  So we're being medically retired from the army my husband is hurt/sick. This is all we were waiting for! We have 10 days to sign off on all of our stuff and then it takes about 14 days to get our orders and then we have 10 days to leave here! I am nervous and excited both. We'll be flying since we have no time to get passports...Oh did I also mention that I am pregnant total shocking surprise almost 12 weeks so I'll be needing a doula and an OB up there in anchorage or wasilla (I'm high risk) so if anyone has any recommendations I'd be greatful. If anyone in the area wants to befriend me I'd love that as well because most of my old friends are  gone now! joy.gif see you all soon!

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Yippii!  Are you on Facebook?  Add me!




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Hi !   We live in Wasilla. Always up for new friends.  :-)



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tammy gifford (anchorage) on facebook

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awesome thanks guys I am Jess Mullins hale I'll add you now

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G,  I already have you haha!

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And that would explain the "who is this person??" friends request today. LOL  Welcome!


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Ahhh, must be nice to be coming back!

I'm Megan Michelle Stone on Facebook (Anchorage).

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Originally Posted by hippiemommaof4 View Post

G,  I already have you haha!

Hahahha duh.  

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