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Hospitalized Bedrest

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On thursday my water broke at 29 weeks.  Not a trickle, but a Gush...we thought she was going to come out.  I was air lifted out of out tiny little mountain town to a high tech hospital hours away with a nicu.  I never went into labor.  I have recieved steroids to mature baby's lungs and I am on antibiotics.


This was Sooooo unexpected, my other kids went to term.  My gut feeling is this is result of a fall that happened the week before and the dehydration I have been battleing in the heat....possibly resulting in a bacterial infection.


They want to keep me here till 34 weeks. I am visulizing the water bag resealing, hopefully I can go home on bedrest and continue my original birth plan.


The on call OB really pissed me off this morning, referring to inductions/c-section without even asking my opinion whatsover.  This is so far from my beliefs, I want to tell her off. 



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Oh my, I am so sorry! What a difficult time for you. I'm relieved to hear that your babe is staying put for now.


goodvibes.gif for your bag resealing!


You will be in my thoughts. hug2.gif

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Oh wow!  I am so sorry!  I hope things turn out how you want them from here!

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I am so sorry!!! I hope you hold on for the 34 weeks!

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Holy cow!!! Are they worried about cord compression? They must have you on a fetal monitor 24/7? Try to stay calm and make informed decisions....best of luck to you and baby!!!

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grouphug.gif hugs to you, mama! You'll be in my thoughts.

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I am thinking about you and your little babe. hug2.gif

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* hugs *


Thinking of you!

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((hugs)) and hopes for a safe birth for both you and your babe!

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Yes I am on the moniter, babys head is very low...blocking the cervix :)  We seem to be hanging in there.  I keep hearing about water bags resealing.  She had lots of fluid in there on the ultrasound.

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Glad to hear there's lots of fluid! thumb.gif

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So sorry to hear that!  It is really great that there is so much fluid.  I have seen some docs take it day by day, and only plan for induction/c-section if baby looks "sick" on ultrasound, fluid gets too low, or you show signs of infection.  Others are much more aggressive.  Ask him to explain his reasoning to you.  It is a real balancing act though.  Keep talking to your doctor...let him know your wishes,....This kind of situation changes all the rules though!


My original due date was 9/30.  I was hospitalized at 17.5 weeks for bleeding that also resulted from dehydration after have months of m/s followed by a bad case of the flu.  The bleeding was controlled, (partial abruption) and I have been on strict bedrest at home since then.  I am trying to hold onto my original birth plan, but even if the pre-term labor doesn't get in the way, I am also having twins, which complicates things.  I am in the process of re-prioritizing my birthing choices in the event of c-section, or if they are pre-term.


If you are on facebook, let me know....I spend hours there everyday since I have been placed on bedrest!

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1 weeks later, we are doing really well!


I am moving over to an apartment by the hospital tomorrow, continueing strict bedrest till 34 weeks. Will continue monitering of me and baby.

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Glad to hear things are going well enough fir you to move out of the hospital! Has your bag officially resealed now?
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