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My 12mo won't drink milk- did I wait too long?

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My daughter just turned 1 yesterday and I tried to give her cow's milk for the first time last week.  She just spit it out!!  Before trying the milk, I only gave her water.  She is still nursing, but only before naps and bedtime.  I think I waited too long to have her try it and now I don't know what to do.  My 3yo drinks milk and loves it and there is no history of allergies in the family.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to like milk? 

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Personally I think cow's milk is overrated and not that natural for humans to be drinking anyhow.  I really like it myself, but my son and hubby both have issues with it.  There are other ways to get calcium and fat, and it isn't like she's going to go to a dinner party when she's 25 and be offered milk and looked at funny if she says she doesn't like it.  There are tons of adults and kids these days who don't drink milk for a variety of reasons.  What about trying some sort of milk substitute like coconut milk? 

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I've never seen a good reason to stress about milk consumption - especially when they are still nursing. I'd keep offering but with no pressure.

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I agree with PP - hemp milk is another that is high in Omega 3's or 6's - sorry, i have none in the house right now or i would look!  I purposefully did not give my DS#1 cows milk - or any dairy products until he turned two.  I felt that they led to many ear infections with his older sister - i used oat milk, rice milk, almond milk etc in his bottles (i wasnt nursing him either)  and made sure he was eating very well - then introduced cheese when he was two....he never really liked drinking a glass of milk -but will still have some in his cereal (hes 13 now)  ...Especially since you are still nursing - i certainly wouldnt worry about cows milk!

i have a 10 mo old LO and plan on waiting on dairy products with him too!

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I wouldn't push it.  My oldest os almost 3 and just started drinking milk 3 or 4 months ago.  I think the texture weirded her out.  Until then we just made sure she ate plenty of cheese and yogurt.

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You don't have to give cow's milk, but if you want to, here is what I suggest, although my advice assumes you can pump some milk for a bottle/sippy cuy.


Make the bottle/cup 3/4 breast milk and 1/4 cows milk.  Keep it that way for 4-7 days.  Then do half and half for the same amount of time, and then 1/4 breast milk to 3/4 cows milk, and then fully cows milk.


I'd also warm it up, since that's what babies are used to.

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12 months is the earliest they're supposed to have cow's milk, so I don't think you waited too long. One of my kids has never liked cow's milk and has thrived without it, and the other loves cow's milk and is thriving with it. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I don't think it's a necessary food.
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For what it's worth, I don't think we thought to offer DD#1 cow milk until she was almost 2. She drinks it just fine, now - we give her whole milk for the fat.

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I agree - don't worry.  My DD (who nursed until 3) was not keen on cow's milk at 12 months (although she loved yogurt which we introced around 8 mo).  It was offered regularly at her daycare, and the pumped breast milk was reserved for nap time.  After about 4 months she started drinking cow's milk and has enjoyed it ever since.

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