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Best brushing regime for exposed tooth nerve? :(

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My poor 16 month old has some terrible one year molars and is going to need root canals and crowns on them as soon as we can figure insurance out. It could be up to a month away. So I am trying to figure out how to treat his teeth until then. They are very painful, he screams just at the sight of a toothbrush.


I have read about xylitol, but it seems that you have to brush with it like 6 times a day, and there is just no way he'll let me. For now we are using the Tom's kids flouride toothpaste twice a day. Would using xylitol granules once a day help at all? Or would a xylitol tookpaste used in conjunction with the flouride be good? I don't think I can get in his mouth any more than 3 times a day... I'm not sure what the best regime would be to help prevent things from getting worse until he can get his appointment.



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You can buy xylitol suckers and candies online. Maybe those 6x a day would help?


My daughter had work done last month and for 2-3 weeks before it was done she wouldn't let us touch those teeth. I sort of figured it was late anyhow and left it... and they are all fixed now. Obviously better to be able to brush.. I just couldn't hurt her that much though.

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He can eat xylitol right off a spoon or diluted in a sippy cup of water.
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Thanks! I ordered some of those Spiffies wipes that I'm thinking he might tolerate, as well as the flourinated Squigle toothpaste to use a teeny tiny bit at bedtime. I tried to find xylitol at the grocery store but didn't get so lucky, so I will keep my eye out for it to give him on a spoon.


I know it's sort of too late now, but the dentist stressed that we can't let the teeth get infected or they won't be salvageable and he'll have to pull them, and I really don't want that to happen. :(

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