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What are you eating?

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I am past the nausea, serious aversions, but presently having a hard time getting veggies in my diet.  Lately it is carbs carbs carbs that I want (oddly enough I never ate carbs past breakfast pre-pregnancy). I'm thinking it's an ayurvedic thing, like I am needing warming, grounding foods.  Anyone have any tips to get some more warming, grounding veggies? And also, what are you eating or not feeling like you're eating enough of now that we're in 2nd trimester territory?

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I hope my normal eating habits are about to return! My m/s is definitely waning, but the food aversions are still abounding. . .or basically, nothing sounds good except, as you said, carbs (or in my case also ice cream).  But I have a hubby and a toddler to cook for, so at least at dinner, I just cook what I normally would and can almost always eat it. It may not "sound" good, but once it's on the plate it's fine.  


Breakfast I do either oatmeal or eggs. Didn't used to eat eggs so often, but I find I need protein in the morning while pg.  Lunch is a crap-shoot.  Sometimes pb&j, sometimes leftovers, and sometimes I'll actually get up the energy/willingness to make myself a big salad. That's what I'd prefer (as in intellectually prefer, not my appetite would prefer) to eat for lunch most days, big salads with all sorts of veggies. We're vegetarian, so for dinners I cook a lot of veggies, beans and rice and some tofu.  


The things I wander around the house thinking of and actually want to eat lately are bagels, mac n cheese, watermelon, apples and ice cream. Not a green thing in sight there. sigh


 I always get green veg at dinner though and I figure if I can add it back to lunch as well, I'll be doing pretty well.  Oh, and ds and I have been enjoying kale chips this week, so that was a good victory on the green side!

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I'm 16 weeks but still having a hard time getting in the protein. My m/s is under wraps due to unisom/B6 but I still get SUPER hungry, all day long and the only thing that seems good to me is carbs. I'm eating chicken and fish but still want pancakes, scones, etc. I really hope this changes. Fruit is great, veggies are not as appealing but I'm trying. I'm eating lots of yogurt and cheese, too.

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My MS left about 2 weeks ago. I can stand to be around food again! Ahhhh....but I'm selective. Right now, I'm loving/craving nachos w/ pico de gallo and italian sub sandwiches with hot pepper relish and lots of vinegar. I did have a cheese fries craving for a bit but I satisfied that one-----twice in a weekend!!  I'm also loving watermelon, apples, strawberries, eggs, and carb-y sweets like muffins and pound cake!  I'll eat other stuff to round out my diet in a healthy way but this is the list of food I reach for and crave! I guess I've been liking salad too....but that's probably because I planted too much lettuce all at once! 

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My morning sickness has finally let up enough that I have cut the unisom :) Hooray! And now I am trying to make up for lost time with some protein. Chicken, salads with meat on them, fruit, and such all sound good to me. Actually, what I really want to eat is nonstop scones, but I can't keep my blood sugar stable when I have so many carbs and then I get hypoglycemic and feel horrible. So, I am trying to make any of my snacks based around meat or dairy. Lots of cheese happening here too.

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at ~13 weeks, i still struggle with passing nasuea, and my aversions are fierce, but eating food is generally more appealing these days.  honestly, i cannot eat enough fruit and vegetables- it's all i really want to eat.  other than rice cakes, starches make my stomach queasy- weird, i know.  i think the food that has made me feel the best is collard greens, which is strange, because i never really cared for them at all before this pregnancy.  but now- give me collards every night of the week, and i'm a happy woman.


fruit.  fruit.  fruit.  always with the fruit.  when i can't stomach anything else, i always love a sweet and juicy piece of fruit.  does this mean i'm carrying a girl?  wink1.gif

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I'm honestly having a harder time drinking enough water than eating enough variety of food: my stomach just hates being too full. I've been digging pickles of any kind (yay for stereotypes!), cooked leafy greens, anything with tomato sauce (and sometimes just a spoon), nectarines, and basically any kind of carbs. Carbs all day, all the time. I need some kind of carbohydrate with every meal and almost every snack, so I've gotten into the habit of carrying granola bars everywhere and we've been overstocking the house with muffins, bagels, and pasta. The morning sickness has still not quite gone away at almost 17 weeks, but keeping a stomach full of food (not just water) seems to be the best remedy.

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Have you ever tried green smoothies? I find it to be a great way to get a ton of fruit/veggies in at once. It's definitely more difficult to get the healthy things in when my cravings are suddenly so strong, but so long as I try to limit the bad stuff (like cookies mmm) I figure it'll all even itself out. Your body often craves what you need.

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i second the green smoothies!  before i got pregnant, i had one every day for lunch.  i cram as much kale in there as i can... mmm, love them so.  there are so many healthful add-ins you can toss in, too.  great suggestion!

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Very very strange food preferences. I'm super picky now. Coconut and I were broken up for a while and now were back together, but oddly bacon and I are currently broken up..not sure when we'll get back together but we're on a limited basis right now..lmbo.

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While my m/s is long gone (I was really fortunate this time around), I'm still just exhausted all the time and not at all interested in cooking.  We've been having whole grain pasta + whatever vegetables are around + olive oil, salt, and pepper like twice a week because I just don't have the energy to put into thinking up anything grander, or executing it once I've thought of it.


I have low blood sugar even outside of pregnancy.  Last time, it got way better while I was pregnant, this time it seems to be worse.  So I'm trying to push myself to eat something small every 2-3 hours all day long to keep it stable... that seems to be a lot of Clif bars or Odwalla protein bars, a piece of fruit, a glass of soy milk, etc.

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I didn't have any morning sickness throughout my first trimester, so I never stopped eating anything out of my normal diet... except for pork.  Oh man can I not stand pork anymore!  One bite into a pork chop about a month and a half ago and that was the end of it! :(


Other than that I have had absolutely no issues.  Other than the fact that I can't get enough yogurt!!!!!  :)

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At this stage, there's really nothing I won't eat! (Except for those prohibited things like sushi!)  An interesting bit though, I was mostly vegetarian before pregnancy, and now I feel like my body is telling me to eat a good amount of meat.  I would have never thought I would eat meat every day...

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I don't usually drink cow's milk; I tend to stick to oat or almond milk. But I have been craving milk, milk, milk every day. My DH is very amused.


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I've been craving protein and carbs... not much in the way of fruits and veggies. If I do have veggies they MUST be raw, with the exception of potatoes. I worry that I'm not eating enough vegetables and fruits, it's a bit weird for me but I just am not interested. I was worried for a while that I wasn't eating enough but the baby is growing fine.

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