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acetaminophen vs ibuprofen

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this comes up every time my son is sick and i seem to get a different answer from every different doctor/fnp we see and sometimes different answers from the same doctor!

which should be used to bring down a high fever and which should be used for general malaise? is it okay to alternate or is it best to stick with one type?

forgive me if i'm wrong as i just passed on our "the baby book" (ds is 3, today!) to a friend but i believe in there it says that alternating is fine if needed to bring down a high fever. it also says that it is okay to give an initial double dose of tylenol for very high temps. 

last year when my son had croup and i was alternating throughout the day for his high temps and crabbiness (in pain, uncomfortable, etc.) a doctor told me i should really pick one type and stick with that. something about research says, unfortunately i don't remember what the reasoning was. that same night we ended up in the er and the er doc said i could give both and within an hour of one another if one wasn't cutting it. another doctor the next day said that was fine but to try and go 3 hours in between. 

what do you think? and thank you again for answering our questions! 

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overall I prefer using ibuprofen and only ibuprofen - I think it works better in almost every case. you CAN give both together, or alternate, or use a double dose of tylenol as the first dose, any time you need for for a really high fever or when the child is miserable and ibuprofen alone isn't enough.

Keep in mind though that fever is good - it helps us get better.  So, treat the CHILD, not the fever.  Use the meds mainly if the child is miserable, not just because there's a fever.

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