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I never feel full - I always want to eat

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I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into this. I am always interested in eating, even when I'm not hungry, even when I'm full. It's really bad if I'm eating carbs, but even on a low carb diet (20 or less net carbs/day), I still want to be eating way more than I need to. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted without a problem, but after my 4th baby, and especially after a few health issues this fall, my weight climbs really easily, and really fast. I put on about 1 pound/day when I am eating carbs in my diet (VERY frustrating). But aside from this, I think my weight would stay more stable if I wasn't always battling the desire to eat. I know there might be a leptin issue, but honestly I had hoped low carb eating would help with that. Any other ideas? I'm sick of being on a weight loss/gain roller coaster always losing and gaining the same 6-7 pounds.

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I have been the same way, all my life, I do understand you :)


Could you give us some more stats?  Typical diet, activity level, weight, height, goals?  I totally agree with lower carb, and you may even have a sensitivity to something.  I recently cut out dairy and that has helped a ton. 


You may also actually need to eat more, and should make a larger plate when you eat and let yourself get full.  I overhauled my diet last April to a primal/paleo style and I do NOT leave a meal or snack less than satisfied.  I eat more calories typically than I "should" be able to and I've lost all the weight I desire and maintain easily now. 


Give us some more information and I'll try to help some!

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Oh sure, I can give more stats:


I typically eat low carb, although that's new in the past 6 months. Before that there were never enough carbs available to satiate me. I could eat all the sugar/fruit/breads/etc I could get my hands on and still want more. I have found very low carb eating to be the only way to reign this in. I am 5 6 and weight 155. With each of my 4 pregnancies I gained 50-60 pounds. I lost the weight effortlessly the first 3 times, and not the fourth. I had to really fight to drop below 160. My (previous) ideal weight was about 142ish, and that's where I used to stay balanced. Now my weight just wants to climb and climb. In the fall I dropped 13 pounds very quickly due to illness that prevented me from eating. Then I went on an elimination diet for DD and maintained the weight loss. As soon as the elimination diet ended, the weight piled back on quickly - 13 pounds in 3 weeks. I exercise regularly - I did P90X from Feb to June, and now I maintain the weight routines and add in some interval swimming here and there. I am active! I am lifting heavy weights (25 pounds in each hand for 15 leg lunges, for example) usually every other day. I don't think I am eating too little - that never seems to be my problem! When I track my calories and I am actively and aggresively dieting, I eat between 1600 and 2200 calories/day, with 73% coming from fat, and the rest from protein (very small amount of carbs).  Ideally I would like to be 10 pounds less that I am now, although quite frankly I would be happy with less weight loss, if I could only maintain it (I gained 5 pounds in the past week all the while keeping up with lower carb eating, escept for a couple slips eating a bowl of cherries one day, some apple another day, and grapes another day). It's as if I have absolutely no tolerance for carbs... I HATE it!!

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I have to be REALLY careful with carbs as well.  I can coast/maintain while eating some potatoes, starchier veg, fruit, chocolate, a little honey here and there, but that is 15 months into this lifestyle.  I occasionally get a little off track and tighten the reins for a few weeks and that gets me back.


I am not about to tell anyone what they should weigh, especially since I don't even know you irl.  But It seems to me that you are possibly at a great weight range for yourself and your body keeps trying to put more on, because you have had extreme situational weight loss recently (illness, elimination diet)


My ideal weight was always 120-125.  Well, here I am at 135 and feel greater than I did back then.  I'm 5'2'', btw. I feel more powerful and strong and just plain good.  I sometimes fall into wanting to be " at my ideal/under130/etc" but I have to shake myself out of it. 


Some things that help me, I'll just free style write what I'm thinking for you, it may not be applicable.


1- have you read primal blueprint?  any paleo books?  If you are already low carb this may be a good direction for you.  i went from whole foods/gluten free/lower carb, to primal and have had amazing health benefits in leaps and bounds.

2-How do you respond to dairy?  I found that I depended a lot on dairy with low carb dieting, and it was masking the fact that I really do better without it.  I couldn't really tell until I had gotten off grains and legumes, but omg, when I went off dairy I just feel that much better, less allergies, less inflammation, and my belly flattens out significantly

3-Do you walk?  My trifecta of goodness is walking, weights, yoga.  I would also encourage you to look at tabata sprints. kick ass. It's a fine line to walk between working out enough, and not getting into "chronic cardio" land.  The primal blueprint and other similar writers talk about "optimum gene expression".  Basically the idea that our genes are there and CAN lead us to be fully functional, healthy, strong,  and disease free.  We can do certain things and bring certain things into ourselves that optimize our potential. 

4- Up your fat and get enough protein. Seriously.  I've had the best luck at between 60-70 % fat, but you have to figure out what works for you.  I try to get upwards of around 100 grams of protein a day.  If you are working out a lot, you definitely need to provide enough for repair.  I do really well with simple but delicious foods I make myself, focusing on vegetables, eggs, meat, and oils/vinegar/herbs.  when in doubt, I add coconut oil or homemade mayo to a dish. lol  Having enough fat to fuel makes a world of difference in my energy, skin, mood, weight, and ESPECIALLY satiety. 

5- Once you are running on fat instead of carbs (which you may already be, I'm just saying what I went through) I would recommend looking into Intermittent Fasting.  This is talked about in the Primal Blueprint et al.  It shouldn't be hard or forced, but I also had health gains (and subsequent body improvement) when I lengthened my daily fast (sleeping time) to about 16 hours, with an eating window of 8.  Food tastes beautiful when I eat, I fill up, eat when I feel like it, and then stop and switch to tea and water or some coconut oil if I need something during my fast. (I typically fast from 7or 8 til 11 or 12)  I'm not telling you to do it my way, just sharing what I do.  Definitely look it up.


I'm sure I have more, but i'm getting derailed with children.  let  me know if anything I've said rings true for you!


(ps-do you have measurements and bodyfat?  I'd almost always rather go by that than the stupid scale.)


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Thank you SO MUCH for your long response.


I know I am at a reasonable weight, and I would even be content if it would just stay stable. I think you are right that my body wants to put on the weight thanks to the extreme circumstances of the illness/diet in the fall. I wish I could figure out what to eat to calm this down.


I have not read any primal books, although I know the principles ( often peruse Mark's Daily Apple website) and it would be a easy move from where I am now (gluten free, grain free, low carb). I would be sad to give up dairy, but I think I am like you, overly relying on it given the low carb restriction (cheesecake sweetened with stevia, ice cream made with cream, egg yolk, coconut milk and stevia, cream cheese on celery, oh, and stevia sweetened fage yogurt with stevia sweetened whipped cream on top, etc!).


I think my fat/protein intake is similar to yours - usually I am above 70% fat for the day, and over 100 grams of protein. I should be deep in ketosis given the lack of carbs. I definitely feel better in this state than when eating lots of carbs. I have always been the kind of wake up in the morning and right away want to start eating breakfast. Although since being low carb, this has calmed down somewhat. I will try to lengthen fasting time on days when it feels reasonable.


I need to figure out how to add in some sprinting, and then actually follow through. I find my leg weight routine is so substantial that it almost feels like interval training. By the time I am doing my last rep of a given leg exercise, I can't possibly imagine doing another one. I am always trying to up the weight! I wonder if it would be better to add in sprinting on a leg day, or a different one...?


Now I'm getting derailed by kids - I'll be back in a bit... Thanks again though :)

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try resveratrol supplement to control your weight

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Oops!  I missed your response, sweetie, sorry!


Sounds like you are generally healthy in your lifestyle, your body truly may just need some time to feel "secure" again.  You freaked it out during the extreme situations mentioned above.  I would keep on keeping on with fitness, maybe shaking it up a bit with sprints, and different workouts in general, remembering NOT to overdo it.  Have you read Marks fitness guide onMDA?  it's great. 


Have you seen the Whole30 program?  I certainly don't think it's for everyone, but it really can get you zooming on the right track again. It's just super clean paleo style eating for 30 days.  No grains, legumes, dairy, potatoes, sugar of any type, in anything (expect moderate fruit), alcohol, or sweeteners.  look it up, I think the blog is www.whole9.com


it's good to challenge ourselves.  What I WOULDN'T do for a time, is weigh yourself.  Consider this a time to focus on sustainable healthy living and enjoy your body where it's at and just take a break from fighting it.  Maybe get a baseline right now, weight, meeasurements, bodyfat % (most accurate combo, fat% and measurements.  You work out a lot and you might carry a lot more muscle than others). 


I don't know if I'm being helpful at all.  Feel free to toss my advice if you don't think  it's applicable.  Or keep chatting if you think it'll help.  I like to talk ;-)

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