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Anyone have a kid starting kindergarten soon?

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I can't believe my baby is starting kindergarten!  We've already gotten most of her school supplies and school clothes.  She is very excited, but also pretty nervous about making new friends and being in a new environment.   Anything else we should do to prepare? 

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No my kids started long ago, but I thought I'd reply anyway. I confess that I love back-to-school shopping for school supplies. Last year, I went out and bought a couple of notebooks, pens and highlighters for DS and DD (who are now in high school), even though they both (good anti-consumerists that they are) insisted they had everything they needed left-over from the year before. It's a weakness, what can I say? 


For your DD, hopefully there's an opportunity to tour the classroom and the school and meet her teacher before the first day of school. If she hasn't participated in pre-school or recreational groups or summer camp, you may want to go over the concepts like  waiting in line, waiting her turn, politely asking for help when she needs it rather than hoping the teacher notices, etc. 


If it's a full-day kindergarten, you'll need to think about lunch and snacks. Although there will be help available from teachers and assistants, try to find containers that she can manage on her own. 


Most of all, show her a positive attitude and a confidence that she is going to manage this new adventure beautifully. She will take a lot of her cues about school from you. It is exciting to watch them grow at this stage even if it's a little nerve-wracking and emotional too.



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My baby's starting in September too.  He's ready, but it's still hard when it's your baby you know?


Definitely make sure you have a positive attitude about it so she sees that.  And I second meeting the teacher before if it's possible.  My kid has met his K teacher a few times and met his bus driver over the weekend, which I think helps a lot.


Good luck!

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She will be in full-day K, but is currently in summer camp/daycare, and attended pre-school (private) before that.  I know she'll doing fine with waiting in line, taking turns, etc...  I'm more concerned because she is such a sensitive child and kind of shy.  We've had issues in the past with a teacher giving her a gentle suggestion and her bursting into tears.  She's also expressed fears about not making new friends. 


My husband and I toured this school (and many others) while choosing a school, but she has never actually been inside.  They have a kindergarten orientation the week before school starts, so I'm hoping that they show the kids where the classrooms are and introduce them to their teachers.  I'm not really sure how 'orientation' works though.  I know there was nothing like that when I started school, so I'm not really sure what to expect. 


I'm definately excited for her.  I just hope I don't cry when I drop her off on the first day! 

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Our DD's situation is very similar to your's, OP.  Our DD just ended her third year of full-time Montessori and will be starting kindergarten at a private K-12 school.  We've visited the school and met the teachers and DD is extra excited about it because it is within walking distance of our home (we've been taking the subway for three years)! 


I am a little nervous for her, though.  She has been with the same kids and teachers for three years, and now she is going into a totally different environment with different kids, teachers, etc.  She's very outgoing but I know that she'll probably have some hesitation the first week or so. 


We actually have to order school uniforms for DD (not sure how she's going to adjust to that because she really loves her clothes).  She is done with camp at the beginning of August, and will spend the rest of the summer with my inlaws and parents.  We're not talking too much about it, because for her it all just seems so far into the future.  I'm probably more nervous than she'll ever be!

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 My son will be starting next month, the school he is going to is half day and will be half day for the first 3 weeks of school but then does offer all day kindergarten for those that want it.


The school does uniforms so that will make getting ready easier in the morning, no waiting for him or my daughter whose entering 3rd at the school also to pick out clothes.



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I'm not worried about dd coping at all; as long as she has someone to talk to she's fine. The only "problem" is that it is a long day for a 5yo.


We have an orientation day to meet the teacher, but ds has already been in this school a year so it's familiar to dd--she's been ready for school since she was 3yoorngtongue.gif. Our school doesn't have buses so dh will take her to school each day.


love.gif I do love the uniforms; it does make things easier--just need to have one of five identical outfits clean lol.gif. When ds was at a non-uniform public school I had to have separate clothes anyway because all his other clothes ended up with stains/holes/chewed collar. I get his uniform pants from Target and they are very sturdy and don't shrink, which is helpful with my string beansthumb.gif.

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My daughter is starting kindergarten in a few weeks.  I truly want to cry just thinking about it (and have.  Often).  She's looking forward to it so much but I am so worried.  I'm worried about everything from the uniform (she has a fine tremor and low hand strength, buttons have never been her strong suit and finding pull up uniform pants has not been easy.  They can wear jumpers but it's a jumper over a shirt and bike shorts - and it's still going to be in the upper 90s for a WHILE).  She cries so easily.  A lot.  Loudly.  She has not been in kindergarten or camps.  She went to VBS this summer and some kid decided to tell her she's fat (she's not, although she is heavier than kids her age.  She has a mobility issue that means she can't run and for months could not walk.  Her ped has said not to put her on a "diet" but just let her height catch up, which is exactly what's happening) and it really shook her self confidence.  She uses a walker out of the house.  As I said, she can't run, she stumbles when she walks, she uses a walker, and she has a fine tremor in her hands.  She thinks school is going to be the best most awesome amazing thing ever.  She is so desperate to get started.  I'm afraid that when it isn't exactly what she expects or the first time someone hurts her feelings, she's going to freak out and never want to go back. 



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Oh yeah...the uniform thing.  DD also needs uniforms.  I didn't think it would be so hard to find all the right 'pieces'.  I haven't found 'Peter Pan' blouses, a belt, or any long-sleeved shirts.  Oh, and I have to hem up all of the pants, as they are about 4 inches too long! 


NiteNicole- I'd be stressed too with a kid that has mobility issues!  hug.gif  As long as she's excited to go though, I'm sure she will be just fine.  I'm hoping that being around other kids a lot will help build better social skills and help with sensitivity issues! 

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My son starts kindergarten this fall too! We were thinking of homeschooling but then last night he just started crying and expressed his fear of never having any friends. So he made the decision to do public (with homeschooling after public! hehe). I'm a nervous wreck!

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My twins are starting kindy.  Half day-afternoons.  I am nervous.  I have two older kids but we have always homeschooled so I am starting school for the first time with all four.  Yikes.

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DS is starting Kindergarten in the fall as well. We just got done shopping for clothes and shoes. How I wish his school had uniforms too, but, oh well. DS is really excited and asks me often why school hasn't started yet.

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Me!  I am in complete denial about my precious little baby growing up.  (That would be the almost 5yo precious little baby, not the almost 2yo precious little baby.) 


It's a huge change in routine for us...our neighborhood kindergarten wasn't going to work out for childcare and we knew we wanted to eventually move.  We really liked one school and the neighborhood looked great so we went for it and bought a place there.  Starting in Sept. the kids will change day homes to be closer to our new home and I'm starting full-time work.  So much change!!!  I know it will be tough for the kids but ultimately I think we will end up with more family time, less solo parenting and commute time all round, so I am feeling very positive.


DD has been in daycare and preschool and loves structured programs so I'm not really worried about the time away.  Socially she is a little behind, still working on manners and taking turns but she's been improving steadily.  She is soooo excited to go!  I got the best score on uniforms, bought a full set right down to socks from a mom of kijiji for $140. 


The only thing that sucks is that I will miss her first day :-(  I have to work and DH is taking her.  No fair!

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The only thing that sucks is that I will miss her first day :-(  I have to work and DH is taking her.  No fair!

I could go, but when I took ds to his first day of K we walked him in and he took a seat in line (the Ks sit in a class line in the gym and the teacher takes them to class) and didn't look at us again--a bit anit-climatic. So I'll take pictures before he and dd leave, but dh will drive them like normal (no buses) and I will go do yoga hippie.gif and homework notes2.gif.


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My first baby is going to kindergarten next month!  It's a public school that seems like a really great fit for us but I am still nervous.  It's a very long day (8:30-3:15).  Ds's preschool was only 2.5 hours long so this will be a big adjustment.  We do have an orientation next week but because my ds has some special needs we have already met with his teacher and she seems wonderful.  I just bought a backpack and matching lunch box with dinosaurs for him and it made everything feel so real.  I seriously considered homeschooling for a long time but ultimately this seems like the best choice for us.  I have a two year old son as well and now I will be able to give him more attention during the day. I would by lying if I didn't mention that I am also excited to have a little more personal time.  I am joining a gym with a baby-sitting room and I am looking forward to relaxing a bit during my toddler's nap time instead of entertaining ds number one.  Hoping for smooth transitions for everyone!  

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My DD starts on Sept 12th.  We're both ready and excited about it.


She is looking forward to making new friends and riding on the school bus.


I have a ton of house projects that I'll be able to concentrate on, and am picking up more hours at work during the day when she's in school (full-time Kindergarten), and I'm planning to join a book group that meets during the day (that I haven't been able to do as a SAHM).


We're throwing a big end-of-summer party on Sept 10th for her friends in the neighborhood and from church and she's really excited about that.


I'm not sure if I'll cry - probably will the first day, 'cos I'm a sap and she's growing up SO fast - but I'm willing to bet that my DD will be cool as a cucumber.


We're keeping the first few weekends empty activity-wise so she can catch up on rest and whatnot until she gets used to the full-day school schedule.


I'm looking forward to seeing what homework will completely stump my DH and I ;)

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My dd is starting full day kindy and we're both excited. I only have two and she's my younger, so it is sad too. But she's high energy and loves structure, so she'll do great I think.


I'm trying to plan something special, non kid related thing for me to do the first day of school. I think I'll ask hubby for a lunch date. That should take the edge off the sadness.

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Count me in.  He is in full-day preschool right now so it wouldn't be a huge change for him.  I am worried about how I will handle the first day. I nearly broke down during registration, I need to get a grip before his first day.  (DH is no help, he is worse than I am, so much so I really don't want him around that first morning.)


I think I would like uniforms but it is a no-issue as DS's school doesn't do uniforms.


We didn't buy any supplies yet.  He needs a backpack but has no interest in selecting one.  I am sort of disappointed as I am looking forward to shopping for supplies, something I never got to do, but always wanted to do, as a child.  My mom was the type to scavange the oldest, dirtiest, chewed up pencils and call it a day.  I yearned for a pencil case with nice, new, non-teeth-marked pencils and clean erasers.

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Mine just started this morning. I didn't get teary til walking out the doors alone (she's my youngest of 2). 

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Mine just started this morning. I didn't get teary til walking out the doors alone (she's my youngest of 2). 


I think it's even harder when it's the youngest starting school. hug2.gif


I hope she had fun! Was she looking forward to it? 


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