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no high fructose corn syrup please.

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I have two toddlers one will be 4 next month and the other is 2 . my two year old seems to get diarrhea every time she eats anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. people look it me like i am crazy when i tell them this but . i have changed everything in her diet. went completely to organic foods for awhile while i could afford it . and the problem st oped till i let her have something with hfcs in it. it is really hard to avoid it but i done it before. Is there any one else out there with this problem? i know allot more and more moms are avoiding it but the food makers are getting sneaky and have changed the name or it to corn sugar. what are your thoughts i would love to here it.

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My daughter showed a possible sensitivity to cane sugar. I think it's in even more stuff than HFCS. Even Trader Joe's and Whole Foods products have sugar in them. (And they rarely indicate if it's cane sugar or beet sugar.) About the only place we can eat out at is Chipotle since they don't use sugar in their food.


Long story short, we have put her on a gluten free diet and I am loving it. If you avoid the processed gluten free substitutes, your diet gets much healthier.


Then we had to cut out the cane sugar (as well as some other foods.) Although I already avoided foods with sugar, this made me avoid even more=a healthier diet.


She has had diarrhea for most of her life. We finally tried her without dairy and it stopped the diarrhea. I am a vegetarian and I'd wanted to give up dairy for a long time, but just felt overwhelmed. this forced me to do it. And I am loving it.


So, we are now gluten, dairy, and cane sugar free. What a great diet we have!!!


So, you have a great chance to learn how to have a healthier diet. I can't remember the last time I picked up a box and read HFCS or anything like it. I just don't buy much processed food. I make my own tortillas out of mung beans, I am making the recipes from www.elanaspantry.com, I make our popsicles out of pureed fruits. It's more work than just picking up a box on a shelf, but I feel so much better about our diet.

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my DD gets diarrhea every time she eats anything that is processed and is not organic.  One thing you might notice is that many/most of the products with HFCS in them also have lots of other garbage in them such as preservatives, colorings, GMO's, etc and they are VERY highly processed, so it could be one of those other things doing it to her as well.


You might be interested in my posts here http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1321919/reasons-to-go-organic-and-tips-to-make-it-affordable   about eating organic and tips and such.  It is certainly possible to go HFCS-free.  I used to eat only garbage, the kind of stuff you find at Walmart for example, until I learned all this, and now I dont eat a single thing that is over processed, and have not have HFCS for years, and neither has the rest of my fam and it is actually really easy and not too expensive.  Almost everything I/we eat now is organic.

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1loveforever - would love any tips on keeping non-processed and mostly organic affordable!  thx

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happy1nluv, Did you read my posts in the link that I provided?  I gave a lot of helpful tips.  In my area Albertsons has quite a bit of organic things and they can usually order more than what they have in the store, just ask to speak to managers of each department.  Same with Target.  Walmart has some organic things, you just have to pay attention and look.  DH is a truck driver and goes all over the US, and he has found that Walmart, even in big cities, usually has the smallest selection of organics.  I dont remember what store it was that he went to, but it was a big chain store and it had a lot of organic produce and things and it was not a specialty health food store or anything.

So, this stuff is out there!  You just really have to look, ask store managers if they can order it in, get your friends/family to buy it too so that the store keeps ordering it.  If a price is too high, talk to a manager and say you would really like to buy it but think it is too high, maybe the produce is not in the best of condition so ask for a discount for that.

I would definatly check out farmers markets first, ask around, ask the farmers what their animals are fed and their living conditions(should always be free range with full access to lots of grass, weeds, etc and fed NO corn or soy ever).  If you find a farmer that is in to organic, ask them if they know of anyone else who also raises produce or animals organic, where to find raw milk, etc.  People who have raw milk often also make their own cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.

anyway good luck, I really dont know what else to say.  My biggest tip would be to find out what you can get locally, and to grow things yourself.

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Cant believe that I forgot to mention to check with your local hutterite and/or Amish colonies.  They will have meats, milk, produce, wool, breads, etc oftentimes.  Be sure to ask about their practices, because all the colonies have different values, and I have heard from others (I have not heard this from any of the hutterites themselves) that some of the colonies use things like antibiotics with their animals, some spray their crops, etc, so just ask, and if they say no, then you are good!  And make sure their chicken, turkey, etc have outdoor access and get to eat lots of grass and bugs! 

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my children and i have fructose malabsorption syndrome. we can not digest fructose very well, much less than other people. some of my kids get diarrhea from it and some get constipated. i suggest you google it. it can cause all kinds of issues. we avoid all hfcs, foods with a high fructose or fructan load (all fruits except lemons, limes, strawberries and sometimes raspberries eaten in strict moderation: most veggies have high fructose loads and fructan content: a lot of other food like peanuts, whole wheat, brown rice, etc). this is very common in the us. most people dont know it could be a possibility though. if you have more questions feel free to pm me. 

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