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Velcro HTH ?s

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Hi there - does anyone know where to buy Velcro "high technology hook" (HTH) tape in Canada or the US? It's hook tape that is stronger than regular Velcro or aplix and, best of all, it's soft to the touch and not scratchy at all. It's also flexible and easy to sew. I first saw it on Baby Beehinds wool covers and it took me forever to find out what it was. It's common in Australia but not here for some reason. I've only been able to find it sticky-backed in tiny expensive pkgs at Walmart but I'd prefer no adhesive and by the yard. Hope someone can help!

And if there's a reason it's not used in diaper making here, I'd love to know as it seems dreamy to me compared to the abrasive nastiness we get here.

Thanks so much!
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I don't exactly know the answer to your question, though I am also interested in finding some. I did figure out that it is sold by Velcro in the US (/North America) as Velcro Ultra-mate.  (at least I think this is the right stuff.)  Most of it seems to have an adhesive backing, but I think the links below might be the right stuff... though information is a bit scanty.


Amazon:  (black in color, unfortunately



Ebay:  (this is more than you could ever use, unless you resell it --- and it is in large sheets of yellow & black, and costs 99 USD)




I've also seen this product sold in places like Home Depot, though unfortunately, it is double sided (hook on one side, loop on the other).  It is sold as a strap for organizing extension cords, etc.



I'm sure it must be available with a bit more searching!  A fabric / notions retailer would do well to get their hands on the right stuff and re-sell. 


BTW, do you know if it is used on diapers in Oz?  Does it hold up to many uses & many washes?


Let us know if you are successful in your search, and how it works out in your diaper-making!



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Okay, need to stop researching this, but check out these links-- again, probably not precisely what you are looking for, but getting closer---  This stuff is available to purchase online.



This item bills itself as being made for infant clothing & the like. It is expensive for the amount you get.



Here is more "one-wrap" (double sided) in larger quantities from the same store as above.  I can't find that they sell it in the more standard 2-part configuration.  Maybe I am blind?






Finally, check this stuff out. I can't tell whether it is one-sided or 2 sided, but I'm thinking only one sided, since it doesn't specifically say that it has hooks/loops on both sides.  It claims to be softer than standard Velcro, though I'm not sure how you could tell without actually getting some.


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Wow, thanks for all that! I too got a bit obsessed with researching it but didn't come across those sources. I only have a moment now but I'll look more closely later. 


I did end up ordering from Nappies Uncovered, an Australian on-line store specializing in diaper making supplies. http://www.nappiescovered.com.au/products/Black-and-White-HTH-Hook-%26-Loop-2000.html Shipping was really fast. I saw it at one other Australian on-line diaper supply shop too but I can't remember the name now. It is exactly the same stuff as is on my wool Baby Beehinds and they are holding up really well, much better than the usual velcro we see on US and Canadian diapers and covers. It doesn't attract lint, isn't scratchy and it doesn't stick to anything but the loops (not even FOE) so you don't need to worry in the laundry. Somehow though it is much stickier than what we are used to. It's really amazing! I don't have time to sew any new diapers right now but have used it to replace the velcro on my Imse Vimse wool covers and Polar Bummis. I used to only use snaps and hated velcro but now that I have the squirmiest baby on the planet, I'm glad to have found a way to love velcro.


I should mention that it is different than the velcro used on gDiapers and GroVia covers. They aren't very scratchy but they also aren't very sticky and wear out quickly from what I've heard. Also, while I was waiting for my order to arrive, I tried sewing through some of the sticky-backed stuff that I found at walmart. It looked and felt very similar but broke every needle and wouldn't knot a thread.

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