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applying for medicaid- I have Kaiser insurance but I won't see them

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I have insurance with Kaiser and I am pregnant, but I refuse to see them or give birth with them.  I heard I can apply for medicaid even if I have insurance, but has anyone done this?  Am I likely to be approved?  We are low income.  I gave birth with Intown Midwifey with my first baby and I want to give birth with them again.  I would sooner have this baby at home than have it with Kaiser, but my husband expects me to give birth in a hospital.  Any tips about applying for medicaid.  Intown Midwifery does accept it.


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I got a temporary approval for Medicaid.  I will feel so much better once I know this works out.

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glad you were approved!  keep us posted, i know what you're doing will be helpful to others. 

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I got my real card in the mail.  I think soon I choose my medicaid plan.  I can't wait to know that it will really work out.  The papers say I'm required to tell them that I have private insurance and that my provider is to bill my other insurance if they will pay.  Well, Kaiser won't pay, so I don't think I even have to bother showing them my Kaiser card.  I've seen a few posts on other sites where people had private insurance and medicaid and they did not see the private insurance doctors and some did.  The ones who tried to use both insurances said everything was such a mess and a pain that they ultimately dropped the private insurance, but the one that saw a doctor not on their private plan b/c the medicaid doctor was much closer, seemed to have no issues.   But, like I said, I don't know and I'm hoping for the best.  If it doesn't work out, I'll drop my private insurance in January, but I know that medicaid would not like that.  I'm emailing my doctor soon and see when I can make my first appointment.

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Hi, I was just curious as to why you wont see kaiser. It's a good call tho! I had a horrible birth experience in 7/09 with a "midwife" from Gwinnett Kaiser. She was worse than any Dr I've ever seen & it made me choose a Dr (with a mind, body, spirit philosophy) for my birth in 11/10.
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I've just had a few bad experiences with them that leads me to not trust them.  One, I had an ingrown toe nail and they made me wait two months for an appointment with a specialist as I would be a new patient to their podiatry department.  Ow.  Then, I have lots of pain in my leg, shooting pain.  It hurts so bad at times especially when I'm trying to sleep and this pregnancy is aggrevating it.  When I wasn't pregnant they told me there was nothing they can do, just take Tynelol, "And it would be best for you to never mention it again to us" they said.  It's just so scary to me that it's their way or the highway.  You can't have it your way so to speak with their HMO.  I liked when I could see non-Kaiser doctors on the plan, but now your forced to see their doctors.  I haven't had trouble taking my son there there.  They give me a speech every time about how I incovenence them with my vaccince schedule and how it's wrong and not necessary, but I can live with that as they ultimately give it to it.

The horrible midwife experience that you say scares me.  I didn't like the one women's check that I had with them.  What I was afraid of is that any doctor or midwife would probably be on call and I would not get my choice of a person I liked when I went in labor.  I'm not really sure how it works there, all I know is I want to run, run, run away from there.  That doctor you mentioned was with Kaiser?  We use Gwinnett as well.

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I did finally get approved for real for Medicaid, but now that I'm approved, I'm still scared that somehow I'll get in trouble and be billed if I don't see Kaiser.  I've had a surprisingly good experience with Kaiser so far, so I think I may after all just have to stay with them and not risk Medicaid billing me which I've heard they can do.  Financially, that's too great of a risk for me.  I'm still not exactly sure my decision, but that's what I'm leaning towards.  Sorry I probably can't help now.

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If you have the ability to see Intown with this other insurance plan, why not go talk to them? I dont' really think you'll have to worry too much about traffic. And if you do find yourself in early labor near rush hour, you can go down NEAR the hospital, and just not go IN the hospital until you feel that labor is well established. If you do end up hiring a doula she can help you decide when it's "time to go"
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FWIW I've had 2 fantastic unmedicated VBAC's with Kaiser.  No issues at all.  thumb.gif


But really, it's about what YOU feel comfortable with.  Best wishes!

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Thanks milosmama.   That's great to hear.  I'm with Kaiser Gwinnett, what Kaiser are you with?  Oh, nevermind, I see you are in Douglasville, so we do have different doctors.  I'm going to look into the ICAN boards to see if anyone has an experience with the Gwinnett midwives at Kaiser.  They do seem nice, some more flexible than others with the rules, but all seems totally ok and supportive of my natural birth.

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