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Removing cat poop from carpet safely

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My cat is on the lazy and daft side-- a baby gate was up in the doorway of the cat bathroom, with the door as closed as possible without being hitched. I think he assumed it was inaccessible. (DOH!) On top of this, he had a tummy bug his system was working through. The result is he left a nice mud puddle of sick poo right in front of the bathroom on our bedroom carpet. I scraped it up best I could with bathroom tissue and dumped that in the toilet, then scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed w/ diluted vinegar. Still not satisfied that it was "clean", I dumped some Lysol on it, but immediately cringed because not only could my soon-crawler faceplant into pooey carpet, but Lysol. YUCK. But I am clueless how to get it all up. I also dumped some cat enzyme cleaner on there as a last resort thinking that would at least tame the smell. In my haphazard "cleaning", the area is obviously far from safe for my daughter. 


What can I do to remedy the carpet and prepare it for my DD to trample on? What can I do in the future to fix cat nasty issues w/o dumping chemicals on them? Thanks!

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I have a Bissell little green machine and I fill it with vinegar and hot water to clean up yucky messes like that.  Between kids and animals my carpet would be pretty gross without it, lol.

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Siennaflower, thanks, I'll look that up. DH and I really do need a good carpet cleaner as nasty things spill on our carpet on a daily basis (carpet is a gross idea, really. When we buy our home, I think we're going with wood flooring!). We purchased a Bissel machine years ago, but it broke down pretty quickly as it stopped spraying. Do you feel your machine is pretty reliable? Do you do any regular machine maintenance or cleaning to keep it in working condition?

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Hmmm, pretty much all I do is make sure to clean out the sludge tank every time I use it.  Oh and I've cleaned the brush a few times too.  It just takes a couple minutes, really.  I haven't had any issues with my machine at all.

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Enzyme cleaners work well for bodily fluids.

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