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Well, fingers crossed for a temp spike in the next 24-36 hours, but like I've mentioned before, OPK's are not always the most reliable things...

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I hadn't thought of doing an OPK while having creamy CM. I only have one cycle of experience to draw from and since it's post-IUD, I am not sure whether the others will follow the same pattern. Since I O'd CD25-26ish then, I had planned to wait as long as possible to use OPKs, especially since I got one positive last time from gearing up and failing. I thought maybe I would test early if I had watery/EW, but it didn't occur to me that I might not have any and still be ready to O. I'm on CD11 now and ambivalent. I know OPKs are flawed, but I like having as much data as possible (especially when I decide to spend my energy reserves BDing as much as possible Sheepish.gif).


WBD - Here's hoping you get your temp spike. Now that you are temping, you will at least know it if the surge doesn't result in O and you can keep your eye out for it. I felt like my chart was bananas for a long time, but now that it is complete, the pattern is totally obvious! Knowing what's going on in your body can be reassuring even if a cycle doesn't result in pg.

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Here is the gist of my frustrating appt with a new gyno yesterday. So, apparently there is no definite way of detecting PCOS. Apparently if you have irregular periods (even a few days of fluctuations count) and either have hair on your chin / weight issues, you fall in the category; whether or not you have polycystic ovaries! This was reiteration of what my previous gyno said. She also asks me to forgo the digital OPK and opt for the ones where we are able to see two lines. I had used those before but never got a dark line...the lines starting showing up but never getting to dark/darker to the test line. So, I opted for a easier-to-tell digital OPK. Sigh...I guess I'll buy a new pack of the regular ones.


I was hoping to be able to learn more about what is going on with my body...like running some tests to see if the follicles are forming, etc. I was utterly disappointed. The step that both the doctors suggested was trying either Metformin (since, I am overweight) or Clomid. But, I am going to wait for a couple of cycles before I go either of the routes. I am going to keep up my efforts of losing weight. 


I think I am going to go back to my old doctor, since she seemed to be more understanding and sympathetic!



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Thanks RKB. Yeah, I got a new therm and its getting pretty stable temps. I used to get a lot of fluctuations before with a cheap CVS one. I am hoping the chart this month will be able to show some distinct pattern. However, I did chart last month and although OPK and chart pointed towards ovulation, most probably I didn't ovulate coz I didn't get AF till CD40 even though OPK indicated towards CD14-16 :( This month I got a positive OPK on CD14, but haven't had the temp spike yet. 



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Did I miss the link to your chart?


Sorry that your appointment was frustrating!  That has always been my experience as well.  It's hard to find that one doctor that is willing to listen and really take the time to figure things out.  Everyone is so quick to give you meds and call it unexplained infertility or frankly, PCOS.  I think it's great that you want to work on your weight for a few more months before trying meds.  If not just to try for a baby naturally, but also to have your body in the best shape it can be for pregnancy, labor, and beyond.

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Jaimee, I have the link to my chart in my signature and in my profile. Please let me know if you can't view it. Yeah, you're right about the docs...somehow I was hoping to find someone who would be willing to work with me to figure out what is going on...I would feel much relieved just knowing that. I am going keep doing things I know that is going to help...charting, exercizing, and leave the rest to fate smile.gif

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I didn't see the url in your siggy before, just the chart icon.  A while back I tried to put a hyperlink in my siggy with the chart icon and realized that it doesn't work.  Apparently siggy hyperlinks are only available to advertisers that pay a fee.


Anyway, I took a peek and noticed that your last two temps were disturbed... were they earlier or later than usual?

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The dips in the temps were expected as I got a smiley OPK on CD 14, but I still didn't get a temp spike... don't know what is going on... Hope its not like last cycle, where I got a +OPK but probably failed to ovulate. 

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Again the temp on CD 17 is disturbed... was it earlier than usual?  Or later?  Or did you mark youself as "sleep deprived?"  A dip prior to a spike certainly can happen, but it also doesn't always happen.  You may very well have ovulated on CD 17, more temps and CF data are necessary to see if a slow rise pattern emerges.  I'm sure it's really frustrating for you to not get clear biphasic patterns, though.  Because of this, I would recommend adding in cervical position to your charting.  That extra piece of information could help figure things out.  I might also switch to using the OPK strips instead of the smiley kind.  Being able to see the surge building and falling is often more useful than just straight +/- especially to see if you're getting flukey positives instead of an actual surge.

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I am new to this forum.  I have been reading different threads etc and thought this one might be good to join if you all don't mind.  I am currently trying to conceive with no luck.  Just as a brief history, I am 29 years old, in good health (have mild endometriosis), but do no ovulate on my own.  I was on BC for years but prior to that I would only get maybe 2-3 periods a year.  With that said, my OB/GYN started me on prometrium to bring on a period followed by 5 days of clomid, then 5 days of estrogen and finally progesterone therapy.  I have had 2 successful cyles with clomid.  First cylce day 21 progesterone was low at 3.4 but MD said it still indicated ovulation, which was true because on day 36 I got a period.  This month I decided to purchase OPK and showed an LH surge on day 13.  I went in for my day 21 progesterone yesterday and results came back even lower than last month at 3.1.  My MD again said that it was OK, should be higher but the clomid is causing ovulation.  He doesn't seem to be worried but I can't help feeling defeated.  I know it has only been a few months but it is such an emotional roller coaster.  I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem with low progesterone but still ovulating?  Or if anyone has had a successful pregnancy even with low progesterone early on.  Any advice/encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!

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Welcome to MDC Jenns!  wave.gif  I'm sorry you've been having a frustrating time TTC, but you have found a great place to get advice and support.  Instead of asking questions within this thread you can feel free to start your own thread with your specific questions (so you'll get more responses specific to your needs) or join the group threads for those TTC based on age group or stage in their journey (waiting to O, 2ww, etc.).  Those are like chit chat threads where you can check in, ask questions, and offer support to others as well.  Here's a wiki to help you with the acronyms that you'll see around here: http://www.mothering.com/community/wiki/abbreviations-and-acronyms


I personally do not have experience with progesterone supplements or clomid, but many others here do.  I wanted to say, though, that even if you ovulate, low progesterone can cause issues with your luteal phase making it difficult to sustatin a pregnancy.  I also wanted to note that even if you bleed, it does not necessarily mean that you ovulated.  Women who have ovulation issues often do bleed, but it's not a true period if it has not be preceded by ovulation.  This type of bleeding is hormonal in nature and usually referred to as breakthrough bleeding- it happens when the lining has become quite thick and starts to shed on it's own regardless of ovulation.  To confirm ovulation I would highly, highly recommend starting to chart your basal body temperature and your cervical fluid.  OPK's can't confirm O either- they an only tell you when you're gearing up to O, but not whether your body succeeded or not.  Plus OPK's are not always the most reliable things for all women.  If you'd like more information about OPK's, charting, etc. just start a new thread!  Good luck!

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