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Retracting Foreskin

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My son is 6. The pediatrician is always telling me I might need to circ him. My son can not pull his forskin back. He can pee and he can pull it back some but not over the head of his penis. My 2 year old we haven't even begun that at all! So would you be concerned?

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Your pediatrician is wrong.  You can research your topic on cirp.org (circumcision information resource pages,  I think), or doctorsopposingcircumcision.org.  They both have articles and research databases that will give you plenty of information about the normal development of the intact penis. The age of retraction varies WIDELY, and it is even possible to never retract without any related problems.  If that were to be the case ( inability to retract as an adult and the person wanted to be able to) there are several different interventions that can be used that have good success rates, and are nowhere near as radical/invasive as circumcision.  It's too bad that many American doctors are so ignorant and you have to go look for reliable information elsewhere, but at least the information is accessible to us with a little effort. 

Best wishes in your search.smile.gif

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Just tell him/her that you do not wish to discuss circumcision as there is nothing wrong with your son's penis.  Is he/she just bringing this up randomly each appointment?  If yes, that would seriously concern me and question the level and quality of care that the practice provides.  You can send him/her also the AAP's brochure on circumcision and foreskin retraction.  It's pretty blunt that foreskins don't always retract until well into the teenage years.  

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Originally Posted by 3timesamom View Post

 So would you be concerned?

No, not at all about your boys. I am a bit concerned that your doctor is giving bad advice. Full retraction happens at various times for boys, sometimes not until late teens. As long as your son can pee, that's all his penis needs to do now so it's working just fine. No circumcision is needed.


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yeahthat.gif what everyone said there is nothing wrong with either of your ds's other than having a Dr. who has no idea what he is talking about. The avg age for retraction is 10.5 but it can vary from birth to adulthood.

I wouldnt even discuss your ds's penises with this Dr. any more and if you ever do run into a real problem with either of them dont ask him. He may be an excellent Dr. in other area's but in this one he obviously needs more training.
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So basically I should continue to do nothing. I will go check out those sites and I think I would like to print info for my DR. When he mentions this it is usually because hes doing an exam on DS. At first he had me concerned but a friend of mine has a 2yo and frequents these boards, and told me that its nothing of concern. So I decided to come here and ask myself:) Generally hes a relaxed DR respecting my vaccination requests and such. I was surprised to hear his opinion on this.

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Yep nothing is required from you at all. Your older ds you can start talking to him about retract, rinse, replace during bath time but if he isnt in the mood or dosnt get it yet then it dosnt need to be done (even though he can only retract a little he can still practice) the younger you swish in the bath and leave it be.

The Dr. actually shouldnt even be trying to retract your ds's during exams since it can cause damage and there is nothing under there to see.
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I think everything has been said here, but my wife suggested I add a man's perspective. I am uncircumcised, and what you are describing is normal and natural. I'm not sure why your pediatrician would recommend the things he is, except for the money for an elective surgery.

The foreskin will continue to be attached until maybe 10-13, when it naturally begins to separate on its own. AT his age, it cannot and will not separate and pull back the way a grown man's does. It will eventually be able to retract on its own slowly over time. In the teens, if this doesn't happen, it becomes a medical condition called "phimosis" and does require intervention.

Thanks for being an educated mom; I wish more parents thought to ask questions like this! And speaking as a man, thanks for leaving him intact. Circumcision can sometimes be a necessary surgery, but seldom is it necessary for an infant and it leaves a scar and damage for life. Ask most of the world.

Best wishes...
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Thanks for speaking up, Texan64. Always nice to have an intact man around who knows from experience. Wish there were more in the USA.

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DH's brother is intact. DH is not. I am just not comfortable asking BIL about his penis;) LOL It does make me feel better to know that I shouldn't expect retraction until hes a teen. Thank you for giving me that powerful piece of knowledge. It will go a long way in protecting him. I do think that I will need to print info for the DR I would HATE to not be present in the room as DS gets more modest, and have the DR do something I wouldn't agree with. Not that I wouldn't speak up before hand BUT I think the knowledge might help him practice his medicine better:)

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I agree - do nothing, except maybe get another doc. My son is 7, and is just starting to be able to retract.


Thank goodness you have people to ask. I wonder how often this kind of thing happens and the parent takes the doc's word as fact. Sigh.

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