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Who's left so far?

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I don't know if there is a roll call thread. I haven't really been very active on here. I'm pulling up the end of the month with a 40w edb of 7/30. There have been so many wonderful birth announcements recently it's making me a little antsy, I think. I'm wondering who's left and how long we all have left.
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I'm due 7/31 and I'm still here. :p

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My EDD is tomorrow and I am hanging in there! I suspect there are still a lot of us left.
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Me! Due 7/24 and pretty ready to get this show on the road!

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7/29 and sooooo ready

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Me! I've been inactive for a long time now, but I've been on recently to read all the inspirational birth stories. I'm hoping that something will happen very very soon! I'm due July 29th, which puts me at 38 weeks and 4 days.  Here's to hoping that something gets started soon!


Good luck ladies!

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My EDD was July 14th, so that puts me at 40 weeks and 5 days. I hoping I'll go soon! I can't wait to meet this baby. 

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I was due July 12th and am feeling very discouraged.

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I've been lurking for a while now, but I'm still here...EDD July 31st.

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Im here too~ contently waiting , my due date was today. I'm hanging in fine besides sleep... Was 10 days "late" with last babe so I assume I have a few to go. So mamas here's to a positive end to pregnancy! Babies must like that kind of thing for their beginning.

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Me too.  Guess date of 7/28 although I'm doing well...no sleeping issues (knock knock).  We still have a lot of work to do and I have 2 days left of my work so he can hang out for a bit longer if it pleases him.


I'm the anomaly I guess.

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I'm due 7/25 and so ready. I love reading all the birth stories and seeing the adorable pictures, but I can't wait to post my own!!!


Add that to the fact that my OB's office called me today about scheduling an induction for 8/2. I was like "WHAT? Who said anything about an induction?" Totally freaked me out, but after talking to my awesome doula, I feel a lot better. Now I'm trying everything in my power to get this guy going! 

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I'm here too! Guess date is on Friday 7/22 and my others were born at at least 41w2d but I'm very ready.  I had a bunch of  'contractions' last night and was hopeful but managed to go to sleep and...well....I'm still preggo this morning!  Trying to be patient but I'm so excited to meet this baby and get started on nursing and cuddling!

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There are still quite a few of us. Cool! Thanks for responding.

All of my children came 1-2 days past their edds so I'm not expecting anything to happen before the 30th. I've actually been kind of hoping for August 1st or 2nd since the beginning. I'm happy to keep baby in as long as he needs to be but I'm also anxious to get this over with. This has definitely been my hardest pg so far and now I have SPD. It's really depressing being in so much pain and not able to do things with my other kids. They are getting very upset by it and it will be even harder when they realize we'll have a few weeks after baby is born when we can't do much, either. So, while I don't want this baby to come early, I hope these next two weeks go by fast.
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I'm here! Due July 25 but my guess was that baby will show up in august.
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My 1st EDD (my date) was Sunday...and we THOUGHT he was on his way!  I had un-productive birthing pains for almost 8 HOURS!  I even mentioned to Eddie that if I was going to go through all of that for 8 HOURS...he should come on!  But, no.


My 2nd EDD (Dr provided) is the 29th.  I don't want to wait that long!  


However, I'm sort-of on "house-arrest" by my mom because of being due any day now...and THIS morning..I'm busting out!  Heading to Starbucks and Target.  He's more than welcome to come anytime after I get home!  :-)  Oh...and finish washing all those diapers, of course!


Mrs B

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Haha, Mrs. B! Run away, run away!
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I'm still here too.  Due July 29th.  REALLY ready to be done, several days with false labor, a membrane sweep and still no baby.  Trying to harness what little bit of patience I have left.

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I was due on the 12th, I have until next Tues (42 wks) or I have a scheduled C/S. greensad.gif


Looks like I'm not going to have another Crab, Finn's gonna be a Lion.

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Still hanging in over here. EDD 7/29 (day my husband has to go back overseas, so I would really like to go early). So far not enough to beg to be induced--but then I picked a very natural doctor who doesn't approve of that anyway, so I will just be waiting 2whistle.gif


I love hearing all the stories also! Gives a girl hope!

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