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So, I'm 40+4 today and yesterday was my last day working at my office. I'm working from home now, which has got to be exciting for my dogs! LOL! 


The only problem is that my DH feels compelled to stay home, too, when really I just wish I had this time to myself! Is there a nice way to tell him to get out of my hair???

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My baby was also "too high" to the point that after an hour in the triage room in the hospital one L&D nurse kind of rolled her eyes at another one and said, "nah she's not in labor, baby's still really high up", etc, etc.  And baby was born six hours later.  I think it all went down (literally, heehee) very quickly. This is my second baby.

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Jo--kudos for you for working up until now!  This is my first week home from work and I'm 39w5d.  I can't imagine being at work right now (although I am getting bored).  Send your husband on errands, works every time =)



The only reason I feel impatient about having this baby is because at 41 wks my Dr wants to start talking induction, which I really don't want.  So I'm getting some anxiety thinking about the fact that I may go to 41 wks.  The only reason I even let them do an internal on me was because I was SO crampy I wanted to know what all of those cramps were doing.  I know the numbers don't mean much.  I could go into labor tonight or a week from now, baby is calling the shots (guess I better get used to it!)

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Originally Posted by yell View Post

The only reason I feel impatient about having this baby is because at 41 wks my Dr wants to start talking induction, which I really don't want....baby is calling the shots (guess I better get used to it!)

You can always tell your doc this. There's absolutely no medical reason to automatically consider induction at 41w. You're the boss, not the doc.
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Yell: I had to keep going into the office, mainly because I get so bored sitting at home!


While I did go ahead and schedule an induction for Aug. 8 (42w) I doubt if I'm going to make it that long. I'm trying to walk a couple of miles every day at the gym (It's too darn hot outside!) taking EPO and drinking RRL tea. DH and I are doing our very best to DTD regularly, but honestly, it's so uncomfortable for me. Ugh.


I have an appointment tomorrow and will hopefully do a stretch and sweep. It would be awesome to get some good contractions going instead of these lame BH ones!

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How's everyone doing? Any news from anyone?
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I'm 40+6 today, and having some prodromal labor. 


It's projected to be 110 here on Tuesday, and I sure hope the baby decides to come before then! This is insane!

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I'm 40 + 3 today and still patiently waiting.  Wish I could say the same for my family.  I'm not fretting yet but as I approach 42 will potentially lose my home birth option so will get a little more aggressive as that time approaches.



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41+2 today. Cleaned the house again, took the kids to a movie, which wasn't very comfortable lots of contractions and felt nauseous half way through. Thank god it was a short movie. Got home and of course contractions calmed down. Did I mention I seem to have gotten a hemorrhoid, which I didn't understand since I haven't had any washroom issues, so I looked it up and it can be caused from the pressure of the baby being low. I'm crossing my fingers hoping this is why.


I'm scheduled for an induction on Wednesday 41+5, I don't think I can do it. I only know how to do a home water birth, plus the whole idea of a hospital birth and trying to make my body do something makes me panic and think of PAIN.  As much as I want this one out I don't want to be induced even more. I'm trying desperately to surrender  to the pregnancy and trust that everything will work, hoping I will relax enough to get things going.

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Well, could definitely be any day now for all of you, right? Here's to those babies coming on their own. KUP
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40 weeks exactly today. Yay? I was hoping for a July baby but with only a few hours left in July, I don't think that'l happen. Guess I was right to spend a lot of time lurking in the August DDC. Baby #2 came @ 40 weeks 4 days, so hopefully it won't be much longer....

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40+2 today, I also was really hoping for July...our family has a TON of August birthdays and not too many Julys...but looks like baby likes August.  I've been getting a lot of contractions in my lower back, but as soon as I start getting excited about them they stop :( tons of mucus though!  I honestly could wait forever, as much as I hate being pregnant, and I AM excited to meet the baby, I'm enjoying the last few days of freedom...my family however...Let's just say If they all came down with Laryngitis or something silencing, I would be happy.

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I'm 40weeks+3days ... found out on Thursday (39weeks+6days) that baby was breech.  It was really hard news for me to take and I've spent the last three days doing everything in my power to turn the baby.  I've been planning a home birth.  The doc want's to do a version, but will not be willing to deliver breech. I have an u/s this morning at 9am, and then I'm meeting with a high risk doc to see if he will deliver breech vbac.  I'm really trying to trust that baby will do the right thing though time is ticking for me!  All prayers are appreciated! I can't imagine going through another c-section.  I'm traumatized just thinking about it. 

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(hugs) CarrieCo. I hope everything works out, either with baby turning or doc delivering breech. <3 Good luck at your appointment, I'm crossing my fingers for good news!!!

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Now that its August, should we be moving to that forum?

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narleegates ~ Stop talking to your family. If they try talking to you, just walk away or hang up the phone. winky.gif

CarrieCo ~ hug.gif I hope baby turns or you can at least try a breech birth. I don't know how you feel about it but some homebirth midwives will attend home breech births and a lot of times those midwives are more experienced with breech births than the OBs, even the high risk ones, are.
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Lots of cramping last night and today....hopefully he is trying to working his way out.  Maybe it means nothing.  Going to be optimistic though.


CarrieCo--hopefully the version will work.  Sometimes they will turn when labor starts--lets hope.  I'll be praying baby turns or you get a VBAC.



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41 weeks today. My sister arrived last night and she's been such an awesome help so far. Seriously glad she came to visit. 


I have an OB visit tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get another stretch and sweep.


Anyone who is still waiting thinking of doing castor oil? Doesn't seem like many people have had much luck with it.

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still here and have been in a state of prodromal labor since the day before yesterday. Yesterday I had contractions from 9am to 9pm anywhere from 6-7 minutes apart down to 3-4 minutes apart but they were sporadic, lasting far too long, and not progressing in intensity. They fizzled about 9 o'clock when I went to bed, exhausted from believing I was having the baby and getting nowhere! Today I have had on and off cramping and contractions. My hips and thighs and lower back feel very pre-menstrual... just achy. Don't know when active labor will kick in but I'm, 40 + 4 today.

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tracy ~ hopefully, it will be soon. my midwife said every contraction i had before labor was one i didn't have to have during. those contractions are doing something even if it doesn't seem like it. thumb.gif
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